Non-selective school

Dover College is a non-selective school

If your child has not passed, or is unlikely to pass, the 11+ then there is a space for them here at Dover College.

The 11+, or Kent Test as it is also known, can be a stressful process for a family. Not knowing which secondary your child will end-up in is very unsettling for both the pupils and their parents. The recently proposed changes in the way the Kent Local Authority is to handle – or not in this case – the admissions into secondary schools from September 2014 entries and beyond will certainly not make things any easier.

So why should you have to put your child and yourself through this process?
More and more families are opting out of sitting the 11+ tests or let their children sit them but still opt for an independent school option.

Here at Dover College, the children are asked to sit Maths and English papers in order for the school to set each child appropriately to help support their needs or push them further. A year 7 pupil can be in the lower set in Maths and the top one in English or vice versa.
The tailored approach helps pupils to develop to the best of their abilities.
Gerry Holden, Headmaster, enjoys reminding parents and pupils of College’s outstanding performance in public examinations last summer. With a 100% pass rate at A level and 99% at GCSE these results placed Dover College 13th in the league table for Kent. Although not a fan of league tables, the Headmaster is not adverse to experiencing a quick Damascus conversion as this performance for a non-selective school is tremendous and worth cherishing.

Please contact our Admissions Registrar now to find out how you and your child can avoid a lot of stress when the time comes to go into secondary school:



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