How to deal with homesickness at boarding school?

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How to deal with homesickness at boarding school?

Getting a bout of homesickness happens to a lot of pupils, it’s part of being away from home for the first time. You will find that the first few days are really exciting, discovering new activities, environment and making new friends. When the honeymoon period is over… the homesickness can set-in.

What should you do to get over homesickness quickly?

Don’t sit in a corner feeling sorry for yourself. Avoid ringing home or your home friends because it can make things tougher for you and your parents will get worried.

It’s natural to be homesick so don’t think you are weird! The best remedy is to keep busy and maybe go talk to your House parent or a nurse in the medical centre. At Dover College the nurses are great for a cup of tea, some biscuits and a chat but there are plenty of other staff members on site who can listen out and help you. An independent school inspection at Dover College revealed, “pupils feel safe in the school and express high levels of happiness and satisfaction with boarding.”

Keep busy

Change the pictures on your wall, go for a run, listen to music, just do something. You will get through it like everyone else does. Don’t worry!

If you would prefer to join a boarding school where making friends is easy and where “pupils learn to care for each other and to think of others as well as themselves”, then contact the Admissions Office now: Dover College Admissions

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