How to get into a boarding school?

Boarding BreakfastHow to get into a boarding school?

Every school is different but at Dover College you need to send your school reports and a motivation letter with your registration form and then you will be asked to visit the school to meet our staff and pupils and have an interview with the Headmaster. If you are unable to visit then a Skype interview can be arranged.

The interview to join a boarding school.

At the interview you will talk about why you want to go to the school, what you are into and what you want to get out of the school, what do you want to do with your life and what do you want to be.

After that, you will get a letter or email to tell you if you are given a place or not.

Do I need to sit a test?

All the schools are different in the way their admissions are managed. For some schools you have to sit tests, some don’t have interviews… It varies. You can find out what each school does by looking-up on their website what their admission policy is.

Tips for attending the interview at a boarding school.

Look nice, that’s just a given; you can wear your current school’s uniform or for boys wear a blazer, a shirt and tie plain trousers. For girls, opt for a pencil skirt, flat ballet pumps and a button up blouse.

If they ask you why you want to be there be honest. It may be that you and your parents are going through a tough patch and you fight all the time, just say so!

Talk about the opportunities it would give you but also what you can offer the school in terms of skills.

Be polite! Remember your manners.

Whatever happens you can always apply to another school if you are turned down. If at first you don’t succeed, try again!

Here is the link to the Admissions Office at Dover College: admissions to the boarding school.

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