How to make friends at a boarding school?

How to make friends at a boarding school?

kitchen with boysMaking friends in a new school is something many worry about… a lot!

At Dover College it’s really easy to make friends and settle-in but if you go to another school here are some tips for you.

Be yourself.

Don’t invent things like you’ve got lots of boyfriends, you go out all night at home all the time… that sort of things because other pupils will see that you’ve made it up and won’t like it.

Try new things.

The more you do the more people you meet. There are many activities available in boarding schools so do something you like and try new things, be part of a team. When you belong to groups you already have something in common with them.

Be nice to people, smile.

A smiling person always looks more approachable. Ask questions about where they are from, if they have brothers and sisters… You are not the only one trying to make friends.

Leave your phone and home friends aside for now and concentrate on others around you. Remembering someone’s birthday goes a long way.

Above all.

Stop worrying, get stuck in and keep in mind that most people make friends in boarding schools for life, so go for it!

Joining Dover College.

If you would like to see why independent school inspectors reported, “Throughout the school pupils are kind and thoughtful in their dealings with others.” then contact the admissions department now: admissions


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