How to survive boarding school?

How to survive boarding school?

Make your study bedroom as homely as possible.

Boarding bbqDecorate your room with familiar items and pictures. A pretty picture frame on your bedside cabinet, lots of pictures of things you enjoy on your wall, your bed linen… It all helps. Before coming to your new boarding school, collect pictures from magazines and print some of your own pictures to bring along with you.

Keep a calendar.

A calendar will help you jot down your weekend and holiday plans. Sometimes it’s good to look forward to a special weekend with some family or a holiday somewhere special to you.

It will also help you record all the activities you will be taking part in and believe it or not, you are about to be a busy person!

Get involved.

Boarding school life is meant to be filled with things to make time fun. It can be taking part in the choir, joining a cooking club, being part of a sport team, whatever it is boarding schools offer a large number of activities to choose from. The more activities you join, the better as you will make lots of friends.

Be nice to the Prefects.

Prefects are pupils who have earned responsibilities. They help run the boarding house and other aspects of the school.

Be nice to the Prefects because one day you will be one of those pupils who needs some peace and quiet in the House to study! And you might become a Prefect yourself one day.

To find out more about what being a Prefect at Dover College is all about, go to this page Responsibility in the Sixth Form.

If you would like to join Dover College as a boarder, please contact the Admissions Office.


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