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School Aims

Dover College’s specific aims are:

  • To provide a demanding but flexible academic curriculum that is challenging for pupils of a wide range of ability leading to good academic qualifications on departure.
  • To ensure an academic environment in which all children can realise their full potential;
  • To enable pupils to achieve better examination grades than those achieved nationally by pupils of similar intellectual capacity.
  • To concentrate on leadership and personal development through a well-structured extra-curricular programme of activities such as music, sports and drama, which promotes development of the individual and engagement with the wider world.
  • To maintain strong international links.
  • To create a disciplined, safe, and friendly environment of great cultural and social diversity;
  • To ensure an ethos that encourages the spiritual, social, and personal development of the individual.
  • To provide the necessary personal skills and confidence to make pupils attractive to a future employer.
  • To develop all members of academic and non-academic staff as well as pupils in these aims