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The Dover College Team

To find out who’s who at Dover College, please refer to the below list:

Dover College: Senior Management Team:

Headmaster: Mr Gareth Doodes (

Bursar and Clerk to the Governors: Mr Nicholas Winther (

Deputy Head (Academic) Senior School: Mr Duncan Ellerington (

Deputy Head (Pastoral) Senior School: Mr Simon Kibler (

Deputy Head (Academic) Junior School: Mr Brett Fairclough (

Deputy Head (Pastoral) Junior School: Mrs Tracey Mills (

Director of Admissions and Marketing: Mr Chris Townend (

Supported by:

Assistant Head (Academic) of Junior School: Mr Brett Fairclough (

Assistant Head (Pastoral) of Junior School: Mrs Tracey Mills (

Dover College: Housemaster/Housemistress

Duckworth House: Mrs Charlotte Butt (

Leamington House: Mr Carl Hadler (

Priory House: Madame Therese Taylor (

School House: Mr Lee Irwin (

St Martin’s House: Mrs Charlotte Pearson-Miles (

Dover College: Support Services

Bursar: Mr Steve Bartlett (

Director of Admissions and Head of EAL, Dover College: Mrs Kate Jackson (>

PA to the Headmaster: Mrs Kay Anderson (

PA to the Bursar: Mrs Deborah Wheeler (

Junior School Secretary: Mrs Jessica (

Accounts Manager: Mrs Justine Laws (

Accounts Clerk: Mrs Sylvia Webster (

Admissions Registrar: Ms Alison Wilson (

Domestic Administrator: Mrs Leigh Baker (

Catering Manager: Mr Gerry Heeley (

Chaplain: Mr Toby Marchand (

Estates Manager: Mr Rik Sullivan (

Human Resources Officer: Mrs Claire Wagstaff-Townend (

Independent Listener: Mrs Ronnie Philpott (

IT Manager: Mr Chris Judd (

IT Technician: Mr Nathan Millard (

Medical Centre: Mrs Sarah May-Bradshaw / Mrs Claire Hunt (

School Uniform: FODC (

Dover College: Common Room/Teaching Staff

Mrs Abena Akuffo-Kelly:  Head of ICT; iSAMS Administrator

Miss Sarah Allen:  Teacher of Maths

Mr Haydn Annakie:  Junior School Teacher – Year 4

Mrs Eva Aylward:  Director of Teaching & Learning; Head of MFL

Mr Edward Breeze:  Teacher of English; 2ic of Leamington House

Mr David Brooks:  Director of Teaching & Learning; Head of Maths, Economics and Business Studies

Mrs Clare Caskie:  Junior School Key Worker – Early Years

Miss Sumita Chatterjee:  Acting Head of Chemistry

Mr Keith Cox:  Head of LRC; Teacher of English

Mr Julian Dewick:  Head of Art

Mr Peter Donnelly:  Head of ISC

Mr Gareth Doodes:  Headmaster; Teacher of History

Mrs Nina Dougall:  Junior School, Teacher of Individual Needs

Mrs Shirley Eberlein:  Faculty Head; Head of Individual Needs

Mr Duncan Ellerington:  Deputy Head (Academic), Head of Physics

Mrs Joy Ellerington:  Teacher of Individual Needs

Mr Brett Fairclough:  Assistant Head (Academic) of Junior School; Curriculum Co-ordinator of Junior School; Junior School Teacher – Year 5

Miss Lauren Geddes:  Teacher of Business Studies, Travel and Tourism; 2ic of St Martin’s House

Mrs Christine Graeme:  Junior School Classroom Assistant

Ms Julie Green:  Head of English

Mrs Sarah Groombridge:  Junior School Teacher – Year 6

Mr Carl Hadler:  Housemaster of Leamington House; Teacher of Maths

Mrs Sara-Jane Hardy:  Teacher of Textiles and Art

Miss Henrietta Harper:  Gap Student

Mr George Rupert Hill:  Senior Master; Head of Geography

Mrs Leonie Hodson:  Teacher of EAL

Mrs Pamela Hopkins:  Teacher of Maths, Economics and Business

Mr Bruce Horton:  Teacher of Business Studies, Travel and Tourism and Economics

Miss Paula Huertas Lopez:  Spanish Assistante

Mr Lee Irwin:  Housemaster of School House; Teacher of DT

Mr Kieron Ives:  Junior School Teacher – Year 2

Mrs Sarah Kennett:  Head of Science

Mr Simon Kibler:  Deputy Head (Pastoral); Teacher of Geography and Sport

Mrs Samantha Lingden:  Head of Biology

Mr Chris Lockyer:  Deputy Director of Music; Junior School Teacher

Mr Findlay Macmillan:  Director of Sport; 2ic of School House

Miss Charline Marie:  Teacher of MFL

Miss Stephanie Marriott:  Junior School Teacher – Year 3

Mr George Mees:  Faculty Head; Head of DT

Mrs Emma Miller:  Junior School Teacher – Reception

Mrs Tracey Mills:  Assistant Head (Pastoral) of Junior School; Junior School Teacher – Early Learners; EYFS Co-ordinator

Mr Neville Pattison:  Teacher of Maths and Economics

Mr Jack Payne:  Teacher of Sport

Mrs Charlotte Pearson-Miles:  Housemistress of St Martin’s House; Teacher of History, English and French

Miss Amy Perry:  Teacher of Science, Head of Key Stage 3

Mr Martyn Prince:  Teacher of History

Mrs Janis Richardson:  Junior School Teacher – Year 1

Miss Sara Richardson:  Junior School Teacher

Mrs Lindsey Shefford:  Teacher of EAL

Miss Jude Single:  Acting Housemistress of Duckworth House; Head of Sixth Form; Head of Drama

Mrs Elizabeth Smith:  Head of Girls’ Games

Mrs Angela Squire:  Junior School Teacher – Year 1

Miss Elodie Stafford:  Head of Faculty; Head of French; Teacher of Spanish

Madame Therese Taylor:  Staff Tutor; Housemistress of Priory House; Teacher of French

Mrs Ludmilla Waitt:  Teacher of Russian

Miss Laura Walters:  Teacher of Art & Photography

Mr Peter Wharton:  Teacher of Chemistry

Mr Paul Young:  Director of Music


Dover College Teaching Staff Email Addresses are the staff surname + their; e.g. Duncan Ellerington’s email:




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Teaching Staff