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Weekend Activities

Whitstable2Boarding pupils are given ready access to the School’s facilities throughout the week and enjoy participating in the activities and hobbies on offer. At weekends, boarders benefit from a well planned programme of activities on every Saturdays. On Sundays, an activity or an outing is arranged for the younger boarders. More senior pupils are able to participate in the Sunday programme but most prefer to have some time of their own to work and socialise with other pupils.

Here are a few examples of the Activities available:

Sponsored walk, ice skating, cinema, shopping, film nights, House drama competition, London sightseeing, theatre trips, House music competition, Sports day, Canterbury sightseeing and shopping….

The weekend committee has met every Monday afternoon this term and been instrumental in developing ideas to entertain boarders during the weekends during the Michaelmas term.
Highlights have included ice skating, golf, street dance, Bluewater shopping trip and Cinema trips.
The term ended with a fabulous trip to Winter Wonderland in London’s Hyde Park. Fifty boarders from all year groups met at the coach on Saturday morning and made the trek into central London. The atmosphere in Hyde Park was electric and those who weren’t already feeling Christmassy were soon carried away by the tide of festive cheer. The Park was filled with fairground rides and themed stalls and had an outdoor ice rink as its centrepiece.
A special mention has to go to Steven Op who came to the rescue of Amie Jasseh who lost her shoes on one of the more extreme rides. Without a thought for himself, Steven removed his size 9’s and allowed Amie to borrow them for the rest of the day while he shuffled around in his white socks. A great display of gallantry Steven, well done.

House Music Competition

Once again, College gathered to take part in the annual House Music competition in the Refectory. This year’s theme for the compulsory song was ‘the swinging sixties’, which brought us Burt Bacharach’s I Say a little prayer for you, Otis Redding’s Sitting at the dock of the bay, Percy Mayfield’s Hit the road, Jack and Bob Dylan’s Blowing in the wind. It proved, as always, to be a hugely enjoyable event, where each house’s musical talents were celebrated by the whole community. The atmosphere was one of shared enjoyment, encouragement where it was needed, frenzied cheering when it seemed apt, quiet attention when the mood suited. There were exuberant demonstrations from the likes of Bernardo, Vlad and even Gustave! Each house had something individual to say that marked them out and, hopefully, some found that they gained new confidence and put to rest some fearful demons that had plagued them up on stage.

It was pleasing to see more pupils of all ages getting involved in the instrumental backing, some really taking charge of their house and a greater attempt to sing harmonies with conviction.

A tide of enthusiasm carried the performers along and there was evidence of real enjoyment in what they were doing – the crowd whooped and screamed whenever there was a solo and there was no doubt that all were intent on having a good time, both on and off the stage.

Own choice songs were: Løvland’s You raise me up, Coldplay’s Viva la vida, Drake’s Find your love and Florence and the Machine’s Shake it out. The winner on this occasion was School House, so roars instead of high pitched screams echoed round the Refectory at the end. This year’s House Music was simply one of those occasions when I am proud to be associated with this school, because of the generous and warm nature of our pupils. Well done everyone! Paul Young, Director of Music