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What Pupils Say

Our pupils enjoy boarding at Dover College so we thought we’d let them tell you what they really think!

“I loved going to the theatre in London after school and then stay as a boarder. It was the first time I boarded and I really enjoyed it. I can’t wait to do this again!”
Year 8 day pupil, casual boarder.

“I would say that it is a very friendly atmosphere. The teachers here are very pleasant and it’s nice to have the Houses as well instead of just year groups. It’s nice to mix with different years because the you get to make more friends and older friends. It’s nice because the older ones get to know the school more and you can chat to them.”
Year 11 boarding pupil.

“It’s small and a family. Even the day pupils are like a huge family to us and I feel I have known them my whole life. We are quite good friends with a lot of older pupils and the younger ones we just seem to look after… It’s fun to mess around with the younger ones sometimes.”
Year 10 International pupil

” It’s spacious because it’s nicely spread around The Close. And it’s nice that you have all the Houses and Refectory around The Close. The academic side is on another side of the School so in the evening, if you are a boarder, it feels more like your home.”
Year 10 International pupil

“It’s a really historical School. It’s nice to have something from way back even.”
Year 9 pupil

“The one thing that stands out is that we are all welcoming and just one huge family. Whenever someone new comes-in, everyone knows them and is friends with them in the first week. There’s no popularity contests or anything. If someone doesn’t do so well it’s not something we look down on.”
Year 10 International pupil

“It’s become a second family hasn’t it… a second life. You are very close to your boarding Housemistress and you feel that you can trust them because they will always be behind you.”
Year 9 boarding pupil