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2014 BBC School News Reports

Dover College pupils have been taking part in the BBC School News Reports for a few years now. Over the years, our pupils have covered national news and interviewed personalities such as Dame Kelly, and reported live from the Olympic Stadium.

This is a picture of some of this year’s young reporters:

BBC School News Report reporters from Dover College

Here are some reports from this year, starting with a script for the radio:

What does Simon Cowell think about the X Factor musical?

He thinks it’s an excellent idea and even one person had actually made a post saying, ‘‘This flawed but funny show gets a yes from me,” wrote Dominic Maxwell in The Times. This startled me because I don’t really watch the X Factor but the idea of The X Factor Musical will make more people watch it.                                                                
The Daily Telegraph’s critic found “I Can’t Sing “wildly eccentric and often wonderfully funny”, while the Express’s called it “surprisingly hard-hitting”. I think it’s amazing while Simon Cowell joined a starry opening night audience to see him parodied.
The person who is on stage is Simon Cowell with other actors playing characters based on fellow X Factor regulars Cheryl Cole, Louis Walsh and Dermot O’Leary.
Tells of a luckless young Londoner, played by Cynthia Erivo, who becomes a contestant on the ITV talent show only to find herself beset by the vicissitudes of overnight fame.
There is another comment that talks about Simon, “It’s an affectionate spoof and occasionally we go for the jugular,” said Hill, adding that he thought Cowell would find it “flattering” to have a show built around his flamboyant ‘Mr Nasty’ personal.

Here is a radio report from Shona and Rami:

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