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All of our pupils enjoy a varied menu provided by our on-site catering team. We all eat together in our fantastic Hogwarts-style Refectory! This helps the children’s table manners to develop beautifully. During Healthy School Week in the Michaelmas Term, the children get to plan their own healthy menu for the week.

Here is a sample of a typical week’s menu:

Chicken Kebab served with Rice, Broccoli, Chocolate Sponge with Chocolate Custard.
Meatloaf served with Garlic Bread and Salad, Jam Sponge and Custard.
Sausage served with Mashed Potatoes and Mixed Vegetables, Rice pudding with strawberry sauce.
Roast Chicken served with Roast Potatoes and Carrots, Ice Cream.
Fish Cake served Chips and Sweetcorn, Fruit Cheesecake.

Here is a picture of our own Italian chef who is the king of the meatloaf: