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Welcome to Early Learners at Dover College

Nursery children play in the Discovery Garden at Dover CollegeOur team of qualified, experienced staff are our most important asset who will support your child in every aspect of their development; not only in their academic attainment, but also to ensure their happiness, well-being and progress. We are supported by an in-house medical centre staffed by fully qualified nurses.

The children benefit from small class sizes and experienced teachers. This means that, even at the age of 3, your child will already have their learning transformed by being taught by a specialist in areas such as music and sport.

Classrooms have their own touch screen computers which children in Early Learners and Reception use on a daily basis.

Our Early Years pupils benefit from a wide range of extra-curricular activities to ensure their rounded development.  Our discovery garden is a place all our Junior School pupils come to love.

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