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Quotes from our students

Sixth Form pupils are encouraged to make choices about their life at school and beyond. They are given considerable amount of scope to make their own decisions and are therefore expected to behave in a responsible and mature manner.

“Creating a company and making it a success was a good experience. I now understand why my dad is stressed at times.”

Extra curricular activities such as the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme and the Young Enterprise companies are open to all Sixth Formers whatever subjects they are studying and are guaranteed to impress potential employers and universities.

“University entrance is so competitive, I am glad I gained this experience to help me stand out from the rest of the crowd.”

“I think they actually care about you – you are not just another brick in the wall.”

“You can join various societies – Literary, History, Wine Tasting, to name but a few – and if there’s nothing to suit you, then you can start something yourself!”

“It’s the history and it’s the togetherness and the community and it meant so much.” (Sixth Form Parent)

“I suppose the biggest thing is that it’s almost guaranteed your child is going to leav here a whole, well-rounded, confident person.” Parent

“I’d rather they stayed on into the Sixth Form, because the Sixth Formers that I’ve seen are young adults and they behave like young adults.” Parent

“I could hardly speak English and was conscious of my strong accent. I am talking confidently. I really enjoy boarding as I am always with my friends and I am able to talk to the live-in staff members about any issues I might have. By being surrounded by others, I have not been homesick at all. I enjoy being so close to a town as I can go somewhere other than school with my friends. I find the teachers very helpful here and that sport is very prominent – both are things that are in contrast to my school back in Italy.” Camilla from Italy