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A message from the Headmaster

Exciting and challenging years lie ahead of you in the Sixth Form at Dover College.

In that time you will find many new opportunities to develop your potential to the full.  You will also find many new freedoms: the freedom to choose new subjects; the freedom to study them in depth; the freedom to pursue interests in detail and the freedom to discuss them with your tutors and teachers.  The freedom to organise your own time, and increasingly freedom from set preps. The freedom to develop your confidence as you prepare for the world beyond school.

The Sixth Form is full of such freedoms.  And with freedom comes responsibility.  You will be responsible for yourself, not least for learning how to organise your own pace and programmes of study.  You will also become increasingly responsible for others within the Dover College community and you will be encouraged to participate in the wider life of the Sixth Form, in its management, its social activities, its charity work and its support for younger pupils.

The only freedom you will lack is the freedom not to choose.  In making your choices there will be many questions to answer.  At this moment, you may be asking yourself:  What subjects should I take?  Will I enjoy a subject I have not done before?  Am I good enough to do it?  Can I mix Arts and Science?  Is the subject important to my future?  You will find answers to those questions and many others in this guide.

Sixth Form life at Dover College is full, rich and diverse; it abounds with opportunities and challenges both academically and personally.  Make the most of your Sixth Form years.  Convert challenge into achievement: above all aim high and exceed your expectations!

Mr Gareth Doodes


Welcome from the Head of Sixth Form

Whether you are moving up from our Senior School or joining us from elsewhere, as many do, our cohesive and friendly Sixth Form offers you a highly rewarding and unique experience for some of the most important and pivotal years of your life.

It is with great pride that I can say annually we achieve the best exam results and added value on the Kent Coast, with over 90% of our pupils going on to the university of their choice, leaving Dover College and moving on to fulfil their aspirations and goals.

Located within the Town Centre, we have a Sixth Form common room and study area for the exclusive use of our Sixth Form. Small class sizes (4 to 15 pupils), small tutor groups (maximum of 15), specialist support services, and a wide range of courses, brings the very best out of our pupils. We get to know each and every member of the Sixth Form and work with them to build on strengths, while taking the due time and care to identify areas that need support and attention.  Pupils receive invaluable help from our UCAS co-ordinators and Careers Service, specific to their needs. We pride ourselves on our expertise and commitment, and on our dedication to our pupils.

What sets us apart is that we offer far more than simply an academic Sixth Form education. Our diverse range of extra-curricular and sporting opportunities, allow you to excel, to participate and to try something new.

Miss Jude Single
Head of Sixth Form