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UCAS, Careers and Higher Education

Our dedicated Careers and Higher Education Service (as part of our Learning Resource Centre) provides a comprehensive careers education, information and guidance facility.

This is available to advise and enhance appropriate decision-making by pupils when selecting their post-16 options, higher education courses, employment and training options or gap year possibilities. Pupils are also assigned a UCAS Co-ordinator who provides expert advice on the university application process.

Throughout the Sixth Form, pupils and their parents are provided with numerous opportunities to meet with the Careers Advisor on an individual or group basis. Pupils are encouraged to make use of the extensive facilities within the Learning Resource Centre (LRC).

Members of the Sixth Form will also have the opportunity to attend a series of events on Higher Education matters. For pupils in Year 12 this is supported by a visit to a university department and Higher Education Fair, as well as a Careers Fair.  Mock interviews can also be arranged for Year 13 pupils on request.

Pupils will also have access to the College’s post results service and university application support which starts on A Level results day and continues right up until our pupils start their degree course or beyond, as required.

Each year over 90% of our students achieve a place at a university of their choice.

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Dover College provides Sixth Form pupils with plenty of advice when it comes to University choices and applications.

This link will take you to UCAS pages where you will find important information about higher education and the UCAS application process.

Through this simple and intuitive navigation, it’s easy for users to increase their knowledge of the information and advice UCAS has to offer. The content is reviewed regularly by UCAS so it remains up-to-date and relevant.