Deal and Betteshanger U10/11 Rugby Team train at Dover College.

School House and Duckworth House Pizza Night at Follies in Dover The first joint boarders house meal of the year took place on Wednesday night. School House and Duckworth House joined forces and took over Follies pizza restaurant in Dover. Over 50 pupils and tutors had a great time with a fantastic array of pizzas, garlic breads, chips and tiramisu. The boarders event allowed pupils to have a night out before the main exam season started. The pupils all left Dover College and strolled down to the restaurant just off of the main square. Once we were all settled in drinks were served then the food started coming. Two hours later the food stopped and even some of our most ravenous boys couldn’t eat another thing. The décor in the restaurant was a cause for conversation with some of the girls convinced that the giant spider mounted on the wall was real (although this was helped along by several members of staff!). The pupils mixed up their social groups and conversation flowed across the tables. The pizzas were piping hot, fresh and tasted great and the pupils were trying new flavour combinations throughout the evening. The pupils thanked the staff in the restaurant and the tutors that accompanied them with a hearty round of applause and then it was a casual stroll (albeit a little slower than the walk there due to the full stomachs) back to school. Mrs Butt and I would like to thank Mr Young, Mrs Messenger, Mrs Pirt, Miss Rodriguez, Mr Prince, Miss Marie and Mr Payne for accompanying the trip and are looking forward for a celebratory meal after the exams have ended.

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