Maths Wizards

Over 250,000 students from more than 3,000 schools and colleges across the UK participated in the UKMT Intermediate Mathematical Challenge on the 2nd February 2017. Students had 60 minutes to answer 25 varied multiple-choice mathematical problems. High scorers are awarded certificates to recognise their success in mathematics, with top scorers invited to participate in follow-on Olympiad competitions and mentoring schemes.

Nine of our gifted and talented mathematicians from year’s 9-11, were awarded certificates: 4 GOLD, 4 SILVER and a BRONZE. All of our GOLD certificate winners scored so highly the automatically qualified for the follow-on competitions: Tim Yaxin for the Pink Kangaroo, and, Summer Hilton, Sho Nakano and Sophia Chen for the Hamilton Olympiad as they finished in the top 500 students in their age group. Sho, achieved a near perfect score and has been invited to attend the 43rd National Mathematics Summer School one of only 48 students in the whole country.

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