School House Old Dovorian Visit

It was a cold morning with a fair amount of rain, hail and wind  that greeted Michael Lightbourne and John Widgery as they returned to Dover College. Michael was a guest of John, who lives locally, and had travelled all of the way from the Bahamas for the OD dinner in Cranleigh later that day. Michael was in School House in the late fifties to the early sixties. We had a good look through the School House Chronicles; most ODs are in volumes 2 and 3, but Michael was the first Old School House boy I have met that needed to go back to volume 1. He was able to point out quite a few names and some amusing anecdotes ensued.

After a visit to his study and bedrooms, we then toured the school, including the chapel and middle ground, before we ended up looking at the newly refurbished Great Hall. Michael has a number of old photos that we currently don’t have in the house and he has promised to send them to us in the next couple of weeks.

Mr Irwin.


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