Silver DofE Final Challenge

After much training and a practice expedition, the Silver DofE group at Dover College set out on their final challenge – a 3 day/2 nights unassisted trek across the Kent landscape.  Every group is invited to give itself a team name.  This group decided to call themselves “The unicorns”.  This, as it turned out was apt as, like unicorns – the mythical creatures rarely seen by humans – this group were also hard to find! Sadly, Rhiannon had to stop due to a leg injury.  We hope that she recovers soon and can complete her own qualifying expedition in the new academic year. The Unicorns  were shadowed by an independent Assessor for the whole of the 3 days trek, who checked their skills of: camp-craft, teamwork, navigation and group safety.  They passed with flying colours.  In the photo, from left to right, the triumphant Unicorns are: Lawrence, James, Hai Di, Niall, Sam and Edward.

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