Early Years Blog – Week 6

Our Little Learners and Pre-Reception classes returned following the half-term break full of energy and enthusiasm. Having observed the lifecycle of a butterfly from egg, it was time to release the beautiful butterflies into their natural habitat. Choosing a glorious sunny morning, the children visited St Stephen’s Garden to release the butterflies amongst the vibrant flowers. However, it turned out that the butterflies preferred landing on the children! Some of the braver little learners helped the butterflies out of the nets and held them gently in their hands. It was lovely to watch and wasa truly magical morning.

The Reception class have also been taking full advantage of the glorious weather by spending lots of time outside exploring the campus whilst completing their Maths Challenges. The children were very excited when they went on a treasure hunt to find addition pairs and to catch numbered fish to add together, counting on from the largest number.

Let’s hope the sunny days continue as the Summer Term progresses. However, come rain or shine our pupils love the great outdoors!



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