Muddy Knees pupils have had an extremely busy week learning about 2D shapes which led them on to creating some amazing shape pictures as well as designing and making their own vehicles. Each pupil selected their own materials to make their vehicles go super fast.

The children enjoyed learning how to us a saw to cut the wooden dowel rods and how to attach the wheels. After patiently waiting for the vehicles to dry, the exciting part cam, they were able to race them and measure the distance by using their feet to count how many steps their creations had travelled. Congratulations to Mayah, the winner of the contest with 16 footsteps.

In the Pre Prep pupils have been developing and extending their learning around the topic of recycling. This week they have created their own video all about recycling. Having read the book ‘George Saves the World by Lunchtime’ the children wanted to create the short video to illustrate all the things that they have done this term to save the world.

You can see for yourself by visiting

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