Pre-Prep pupils bounced back into school following the half term break and were ready and raring to go celebrating bonfire night. Pupils discovered Guy Fawkes before making their own firework paintings using lots of different techniques.

Pupils also appear to have returned with the writing bug! During child-initiated learning pupils were observed thoroughly enjoying using the blackboard wall in the role play area to write shopping lists, writing notes to their mums and dads and even creating speech bubbles for the gingerbread man.

Whilst in Muddy Knees children have been learning about the importance of firework safety before they too made their own firework pictures! But the highlight of the week was exploring the traditional tale of ‘The Three Little Pigs’, where they recalled and re-enacted the story, made role play masks to support play and built their very own brick house using a variety of construction media. Starting out with duplo and lego they extended their learning outside pretending to be builders using a cement mixer, trowel and various other construction equipment. This led to discussions about jo roles and how boys and girls can be builders!

Looking ahead we will be continuing the theme of traditional stories exploring ‘The Gingerbread Man’. We will also be introducing a Letter of the Week with parents being invited to encourage their child to bring in objects that begin with the initial sound – watch out for further details to be distributed in contact books shortly.

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