There was great excitement last week when Ekin and Ethan discovered lots of paw prints in the mud during Forest School. The excitement quickly spread and soon we had lots of excited children running around the Discovery Garden trying to guess who had made them!

The pupils imaginations went wild with suggestions the prints were made by a rabbit, squirrel, the Gruffalo, a fox or a badger! What should we do next we wondered! We spoke to Jen our Head of Grounds and Gardens and we decided to put up a night vision camera in the Discovery Garden to see what we could capture on film! Imagine our surprise when we captured not one, but two foxes coming out of a hole near the wall of the Discovery Garden.

The following day we had video footage of a squirrel rummaging for food, which led to pupils learning about animal habitats and how we can care for animals throughout the winter months across many areas of the early years curriculum!

What will we capture next week? Watch this space to find out.

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