The pupils returned from the Christmas break full of enthusiasm and energy. They couldn’t wait to get back to Muddy Knees to see all their teachers and friends recounting stories of their magical Christmas experiences. Welcome back everyone!

In Pre Prep the pupils have started the term learning all about knights (and princesses!). Having read the book ‘George and the Dragaon’ the children wrote their own speech bubbles for what George might say to the dragon. They then dressed up as knights and discovered the Knights Code! As part of theur play the children made their own catapults and had great fun testing them out. It was a challenge to see who could fire their cannon ball the furthest. And after all that Pre Prep put their creative talents to work creating shields using different materials to protect them from the dragon that their heard was on the loose!

Meanwhile, the children in Muddy Knees made some bird feeders using recycled cardboard rolls and pine cones before covering them in peanut butter and dipping them in bird seeds – delicious! Children then visited the Discovery Garden as part of their forest school sessions to hang their creations on the trees and truly live up to their name and getting extremely muddy (not just their knees!). Another highlight for our energetic bunch was helping Miss Bean make hot chocolate on the camp fire – also delicious!

Looking ahead it is going to be another busy week for the youngest members of the Dover College family and we look forward to sharing the excitement of the week in the next edition or alternatively follow us on Dover College Facebook or @DoverMuddyKnees on Twitter.

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