There has been great excitement in the Pre Prep this week after a magical egg appeared! Over the course of the week the children deligently looked after the egg, keeping it warm and even making a bed for it.

After all their fantastic nurturing, the excitement reached fever pitch as a dragon hatched out of the egg. The children were very keen to look after it enjoyed reading books about what their dragon would like to eat before dressed up as mummy dragons to teach it how to behave. Children later made their own eggs using marbling inks and had  great fun watching the colours merge together to create new ones.

Meanwhile, in the Muddy Knees classroom the children had lots of fun exploring measure through a variery of different media.  They loved using cubes and playdough to measure items around the school and even used their hands and feet to measure each other!

As we head to the half term break there will be no slowing down with another busy week ahead which we look forward to sharing in the next edition or alternatively follow us on Dover College Facebook or @DoverMuddyKnees on Twitter.

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