In Pre Prep this week the children have been learning all about measure. Having received a letter from a Princess who was stranded on the climbing frame the children set to work making a ladder which was long enough to cross the moat. Each child made a ladder measuring one metre long and then had to estimate how many ladders they would need to reach from one side of the moat  to the other. It was a great relief to find that all of the ladders put together were long enough to reach and the class managed to rescue the Princess!

During play the Pre Prep pupils have been busy finding treasure. After discovering a hidden stash of lost toys under the bookcase Brodie suggested looking for treasure elsewhere around the school. With this in mind, the children made their own treasure maps featuring differing parts of the College grounds. With the maps completed the pupils headed off on the hunt for treasure – unfortunately they didn’t find any this time but they did manage to get a lolly from the Headmaster, Mr Doodes for being so well behaved.

The theme of measure continued in the Muddy Knees classroom as they used socks to measure each other before drawing around their feet so that they could measure them too! The pupils also enjoyed creating their own height chart for the classroom.

The Muddy Knees children also embraced the cold weather and had lots of fun at Forest School, making their own mud paint and paint brushes before creating lots of lovely mud pictures.

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