A very excited Pre Reception joined together with the Muddy Knees pupils for a special visit from a local paramedic who told them how to take care of not only themselves but others around them. The paramedic spent time showing the children what she might use if the children were to hurt themselves – there were plenty of giggles and laughter as they tried on a range of bandages, listened to each other hearts using a stethoscope and wrapped wach other under foil blankets!

Later in the week the pupils energetically celebrated pancake day in our Forest School despite some seriously wet conditions. All of the children had a go at flipping pancakes which they made over the campfire with mixed results however, everyone enjoyed munching on them afterwards.

Despite the wind and the rain pupils have enjoyed putting on their wet weather gear and heading outside to play in the mud kitchen, jump in puddles and generally getting extra muddy! Follow us on all our social media channels to watch this space as I am sure this will be a theme for the coming days!

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