Challenge: to create your own art or craft piece inspired by the theme ‘Through the window’. Your artwork can be produced in any medium and creativity is encouraged.

How to enter: entries will have to be judged based on photographs of your art or craft work. Email your entries to headmaster@dovercollege.org.uk and entries will be judged by a professional artist. The competition is open to both staff and pupils.

Deadline: midnight on Monday 22nd February.

Further information:

Your work could be inspired by looking through your own window, it could be the view you normally see or an imaginary view, be as creative as you like. 

You may use different types of windows for your inspiration, for example; a car window, port hole, stained glass window, a shed or greenhouse window, even an airplane window.

Mediums could include; drawing, painting, a model, textiles, a photograph, paper crafts, etc.

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