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Today has been filled with formal photograph for the Prep School, individual pupils, houses, siblings…it’s a wonderful memory of an important moment in a child’s life, and I for one treasure the pictures that I’ve amassed during our time at Dover College. Details will be sent to parents when they photos are ready to be purchased.

This View has lots of things to celebrate – sport, academic study, charity work, DofE – and hopefully gives an insight into what has been happening these last seven days.

As a reminder, I look forward to seeing everyone on Sunday for our Founder’s Day Service. Our guest preacher is the Revd. Kathryn Waite, who is an Old Dovorian. Everyone is welcome to the service and also the refreshments afterward in the Refectory.

Yours faithfully,

Gareth Doodes.


Sport Report

Wednesday 11thSeptember

U13 Hockey vs Wellesley House

An excellent first performance of the season from the Priory girls, who have been significantly strengthened by the addition of a strong Shell Year Group this year. Three goals from Olivia Kibler (Sh, Priory) and one from Isla Taylor (Re, Priory) plus a superb goalkeeping performance from Demira Govender (Re, Priory) ensured it was a happy bus ride home.

U13 Football vs Northbourne Park

Although the A team fell to a rather disjointed 3-0 loss, the B team rescued the afternoon with 17 boys contributing to a 3-0 win, with goals from Zac Ollerenshaw (2) (Sh, Priory) and captain Hayden Pepper (Re, Priory).

Thursday 12thSeptember

Senior Hockey vs St Edmund’s

With a team containing mostly fourth and fifth formers, a 0-0 draw away against strong opponents was a very good first outing, especially as we probably should have won given the amount of opportunities created. Emma Jung (5th, St Martin’s) made her debut for the 1stXI.

Saturday 14thSeptember

Three senior football teams made the trip to Tonbridge on a scorching afternoon. The 3rdXI, made up of third and fourth formers, played against an U16 XI from our hosts and battled hard, despite losing 4-0. The second half was goalless and showed real improvement. Unfortunately, the 2ndXI went down to a heavy and rather chastening defeat but the 1stXI played some excellent, cohesive football to earn a well-deserved 2-0 win, with goals from Ryan Sewell (U6, School) (assisted by Jack Hanson, U6, Leamington), and Jaiden Flisher (5th, School). We look forward to continuing this momentum for the visit of St Ed’s on Thursday.


End of Summer Term & Summer Holiday Achievements 2019

Live Canons 2019 Poetry

Adam Frost (11, School) started his summer holidays with a tremendous achievement by receiving his Live Canon2019 Children’s Anthology,which contains his published poem ‘Earth’.



Our planet an empty core

Filled with pollution

And nothing more.

Plastic bottles and pieces of glass,

Tearing down trees;

Our world will not last.

Polar bears, penguins,

Land, sea and sky

We must protect these animals

It’s our duty to try.

Romeo and Juliet

As part of their study of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, Removes were asked to make a stage showing a chosen scene. Alfie Cant (3rd) opted for the fighting scene between Romeo and Tybalt. The characters were made from a metal wire structure and covered in oven bake clay; they took about an hour and a half each to make. Cocktail sticks substituted swords. Alfie also showed the streets of Verona with market stalls (complete with apples!) made from air-drying clay. He separated his stage to reflect the division between the Montague and Capulet families. Finally, the red stage curtain was made from an old t-shirt and was sewn together with a little help from Mum. Well done to Alfie for ‘Thinking Differently’ and being so creative.

‘Bedlam’ Book Signing

Fourth Form students Tyler Henderson, Angelique Taylor and Gabriella Hood queued for four hours at Waterstones in Bluewater to meet their favourite author Derek Landy at the launch of his new book Bedlam.

The experience was incredible as, although the queue went half way round Bluewater, he spent at least ten minutes talking to the girls and said he was going to stay there until he had seen every single person that had queued to meet him.

Parents and guardians rushed in and bought copies of Bedlamas soon as Waterstones opened, whilst the girls queued for the author so that they could get them signed.

Mrs Taylor said she had never seen books fly off shelves so quickly, “It was like a rugby scrum. We had to elbow our way through in a very undignified manner. I actually quite enjoyed it!”

They were able to ask him lots of questions and he was very happy to pose for photos.


This Week

Jeans for Genes Day

On Tuesday 17thSeptember, the Science department celebrated Jeans for Genesday with tailored lessons. Removes experienced lessons in recognising that DMD is a genetic condition that causes muscle wasting and looked at the life of Connor who has the disease. They then went on to make a giant cell using a duvet cover, balloons, conkers, a pillow case and 23 pairs of socks! Pupils learnt about how a gene is a section of DNA that is responsible for a characteristic like eye colour or blood group, DNA makes up genes, which makes up 23 chromosomes. Hence, the 23 in pairs of socks to represent chromosomes and one inside out sock was found to be the cause of a genetic disorder.


DofE Training Day of Wednesday

The new participants on the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme had their first whole day training event this Wednesday.  Participants on Bronze, Silver and Gold levels spent the complete day off-timetable and engaged in practical activities to develop their expedition skills at those three levels.

The day began with a team problem solving exercise in the spirit of Professor Heinz Wolff’s “The Great Egg Race”: How do you get a raw egg as far across a field as you can – letting it pass each person in the team you only once – using two cardboard tubes, yourself and a couple of bin sacks?

The Great Egg Race challenge tested each team’s communication skills of speaking and listening, teamwork, creativity, ingenuity, determination and resourcefulness – all skills of DofE!

The DofE Leaders team at Dover College followed this by splitting into three teams of the levels of Bronze, Silver and Gold – with a minibus assigned to each.  The participants received level appropriate tuition in practical navigation, map and compass work using the local environment around the Dover area.

In the afternoon, the groups focussed on selecting and planning routes for the forthcoming expeditions in the summer of 2020.

Enrolment for this year will be stopping soon.  Any pupil who has not yet signed up must see Mr Cox as soon as possible.