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Dear Parents and Guardians,

I waved off a minibus of happy and excited U14 footballers this morning who are going to Antwerp for their tour. I hope that they bring back some silverware! It has been another busy week, and last Saturday we had a very successful Open Day. I am grateful to the pupils who put in such a stoic effort and being so forthcoming and honest with our guests. The Prep School had a very successful Cake Baking Competition for the Modern Languages day, which was won by James Warnock in the Prep School and Cameron Matthews in the Senior School.

Canon Toby, our Chaplain, has been ill this term and we all miss him greatly. However, I am pleased to say that he is on the mend and although we may not see him immediately after half term, we are hoping that he is with us by Christmas. I will keep everyone posted on his progress. Keith Cox is also unwell at the moment having done some damage to his knee. He is making a swift recovery but will not be in for a bit, so we send him our best wishes.

I will be visiting Lagos this coming week to attend an Old Dovorian Reunion as well as marketing the College. Dover College has decade of links with Nigeria, and it will be great to meet up with old friends of the school. I will share photos with colleagues through our social media channels.

Yours faithfully,

Gareth Doodes.


Sport Report

Tuesday 24th September
We saw the visit of Paulus Mavo school from Holland, who played football and hockey against us in the Under 15 category. An excellent and very competitive afternoon of sport was the result, with some close matches as we won the hockey and just missed out in the football.


Wednesday 25th September

U13 Hockey and Football vs St Edmund’s

An excellent performance from the U13 girls, and two goals from Phoebe Davis (Sh, Priory), was the highlight of Wednesday afternoon as we played a Priory block against St Edmund’s. Olivia Kibler (Sh, Priory) and Phoebe were voted players of the match, great work from two Shell girls playing up a category against solely Year 8 opponents. The football was tough in very windy conditions and St Ed’s came out on top in both games despite two superb goals in the A team from Max Williams (Re, Priory), lobbing the keeper from 25 yards and Ronnie Meadows (Sh, Priory), up for a last-minute corner from his goalkeeping position.


Thursday 26thSeptember

A hattrick for skipper Emily Calder (5th, St Martin’s) in a 6-0 win against local rivals Duke of York’s was the highlight of a superb U16 hockey performance as the girls warmed up for the Basque tour in great style. Tyler Henderson (4th, Duckworth), Maisie Wells (4th, St Martin’s) and Rosie Baldwin (5th, St Martin’s) also weighed in with goals and Libby Turbutt (4th, St Martin’s) was voted player of the match by the opposition.

The U16 boys fell behind early on to Gad’s Hill before we found our feet and were able to dominate our visitors, running out convincing victors as the U16 boys also prepared for the upcoming tour with a win, Jaiden Flisher (5th, School) (on multiple occasions) and Harry Meadows (5th, School) finding a way through their defences.


Saturday 28th September

A slightly underpowered 1stXI had a difficult afternoon away at Sevenoaks as the hosts came out on top in a competitive, but one sided, match. Bekas Yusuf (U6, Leamington) and Harry Meadows (on his 1stXI debut) get a mention in dispatches for their efforts in our rear-guard action.



The Adventure of a Lifetime!

After a year of fundraising, pre-camps and preparing both physically and mentally Alicia Myers (5th, Duckworth) set off for the adventure of a lifetime as she represented the UK at the 24th World Scout Jamboree in Virginia USA. She joined up with the rest of her 40 strong unit (and #DavefromDover) to travel to the Summit Bechtel Reserve stopping off for a “Big City Experience” in New York just as the city experienced a heat wave! Undeterred they visited as many sites as possible in the short time they had including the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building and the Rockerfeller centre. They sped up the Hudson on a speedboat called the “Beast” taking in the New York skyline but also had some quiet reflection at the pools where the twin towers once stood paying their respects to those who perished.


After switching their yellow school buses for a coach, they travelled to the campsite to join scouts from all over the world as they were hosted by scouts from the USA, Mexico and Canada for the 24th World Scout Jamboree. The theme of the jamboree was “Unlock a New World” and participants and staff were encouraged to join in activities around the sub-themes of adventure, sustainability, friendship, leadership and service. Pegasus (Alicia’s unit) arrived at the campsite in the middle of a storm and were pitching their tents and cooking their evening meal in driving rain! Undeterred and in the spirit of the jamboree they pitched tents for the Australian scouts that were arriving late – a sign of the global camaraderie that was the jamboree!

What followed was a whirlwind of experiences from exciting activities such as zip-lining across a forest canopy and trekking up Mount Jack to meeting other scouts from all four corners of the globe. Alicia particularly enjoyed “meeting interesting people from all over the world learning about their cultures and religions in an environment where everyone was equal”. The jamboree hosted many activities in the Global Development Village and participants could also visit the pavilions hosted by different countries to gain an insight into their food and culture. The 24thWorld Scout Jamboree also had three spectacular stadium shows where all 50,000 attendees enjoyed great music along with an amazing drone show, fireworks, laser shows and even entertainment from members of the Disney Broadway cast.


As Alicia said “the opening ceremony was when I realised I was part of something that was truly massive. To see all of the countries there flying flags, wearing their national uniforms and being so proud to represent their countries and enjoy being with the rest of the world having an awesome party was just amazing!”

During the jamboree, many friendships were made as the participants traded items from their home countries with each other. Badges were the main items to swap with each of the UK units having its own unique badge and also the national badge, the Tea Bear! The swaps were not limited to this and Alicia came home with shirts from Australia, Chile, Portugal along with piles of badges and friendship tokens from all over the globe. Each one of these swaps reminds her of the scout she met and shared the experience with and they are all linked as each scout was issued with a Novus wristband which when activated allowed them to exchange social media details so they could keep in touch.

The 12 days of the jamboree were so packed with experiences that even now Alicia is still processing this massive adventure. She found the whole experience incredibly inspiring as 50,000 Scouts were all united with the aim of global welfare, peace and friendship.

After the jamboree, the UK participants were treated to another “big city experience” this time in Washington where once again they raced around the city trying to cram in all the sights including Alicia’s favourite the Lincoln Memorial. As part of the trip all 4000 UK scouts attended the Baltimore Oriels v Toronto Blue Jays baseball game where they officially became the “Anthony Santander International Fan Club” after adopting the outfielder much to the amusement of the commentators. This made the US press and was actually reported more than the actual jamboree – it has even made Wikipedia!

The adventure did not stop there and the scouts headed out in their individual units over the border to Canada for their Ho-Ho (Home Hospitality) with their various Canadian scout hosts. Alicia travelled to Ottawa where she visited the National Scout Council and had fun despite catching the dreaded jambo-cold! After a truly life changing three weeks she headed home with her unit a more brave, independent, confident and determined global citizen!


Alicia could not have had this phenomenal experience without the massive support she received from all of the staff and pupils at Dover College. They ate her cakes and sweet bags, listened to her assembly and the amazing Duckies even did a secret collection which pushed her over the edge of her £4000 fundraising total. She cannot thank you all enough and hopes that she can show by her efforts in the future that the support was well founded.

Baking Fun!

The Mandarin Club has been baking this week. Pupils have made mooncakes, cookies and pancakes! From the activity, they learnt a few Mandarin words and baking skills! The group are very considerate and bring their parents’ home their bakery at the end of the day.

National Poetry Day 2019

In recognition of National Poetry Day, Fourth Form pupils transformed the story ofThe Strange Tale of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hydeinto a memorable rhyme to assist with their understanding of events and revision for their GCSE English Literature. Below is the beginning of Gabriella Hood’s(Duckworth) poem:


Jekyll and Hyde

I woke early in the morning,

As I was putting on my coat, I was still yawning,

It was a Sunday so Enfield and I went on our usual walk,


I greeted him and then we began to talk,

As we were walking where we had strolled many times before,

He began to tell me a story about a door,

It was a terrifying and shocking tale,

Which would make anyone turn pale,

He spoke of a girl who was about eight,

And a man who was rushing, he must have been late,

He trampled over her and made her scream,

The man offered to pay the girl compensation, to avoid a scene,

But when the man went through the door and came back,

Enfield almost had a heart attack,

When he saw the name written on the cheque,

Jekyll was the one paying for the man that almost broke the girl’s neck!

That evening I couldn’t sleep,

The nightmares were so distressing they made we want to weep,

I was really worried about my old friend,

I decided to get up in the end,

I walked across the room and looked at his will,

What I saw there troubled me still,

It said that everything Jekyll owned would go to a person called Hyde,

But to gain Jekyll’s trust he must have lied,

I decided to get help from another one of my peers,

But Dr Lanyon said he hadn’t seen Jekyll for ten years!

I was troubled by this even more,

So I decided to start watching the door,

Eventually Utterson caught Hyde,

And what he saw gave him chills inside,

I decided to talk to the owner of the house,

But when I entered Poole crept up, quiet as a mouse,

He told me Jekyll was out,

And that all the servants had to obey Hyde or else he would shout,

I was worried that Hyde might decide to kill,

After all he was the only one benefitting from Jekyll’s will.

Two weeks later Jekyll threw a party, and I was invited,

At this opportunity to speak to him, I was excited.


International Poetry Day

Thursday’s International Poetry Day provided the ISC with much food for thought.  It was the perfect excuse for students to stop, reflect and stimulate creativity. Here are some of the ways we embraced and enhanced our learning experience.

Poetry Post

Lower Sixth students Luke Lu (Leamington), Sheldon Xiong (Leamington), Wenji Bai (School), Tim Jin (School), Vadim Shestopavlov (School), Vincent Wang (School), Mike Zhang (Leamington), Bob Ren CSchool) and Nikolay Lunezhev (Leamington) all wrote a poem and decorated the envelope before heading out to post them through the letter boxes of Dover.

‘When I’m 64’

Fourth& Fifth formers listened to the Beatles classic, wrote down the lyrics and discussed those things they would like to do before they themselves reach that age.

A poem written by two of our Lower Sixth students:


European Day of Languages

Students from the Prep School and the Senior School were asked to bake a cake with the theme of European Day of Languages.

They raised more than £100 for Dover College’s charity of the year, Porchlight.

The winners of the Bake-Off were:

Senior School

  1. Cameron Matthews (Re, Priory)
  2. Maddie Warnock (Re, Priory)
  3. Thomas Walmesley (Sh, Priory)

Prep School

  1. James Warnock (P6)
  2. Genevieve Monk (P6)
  3. Edith Lane (P4)

Sixth Form Social

On Thursday 27th September, Sixth Formers had their first evening social and it was a hit! They enjoyed a bonding session thanks to some amazing activities: last man standing, hungry hippo, giant Jenga and human sized football snooker. This was followed by pizza and a campfire with smores and improvised disco!

We are looking forward to attending the 11th What Career Live? and What University Live? at Olympia in London with the Lower Sixth students.

This event will provide information on everything from an apprenticeship to university life, but will also allow the students the opportunity to meet face-to-face with potential employers and universities. They will be able to ask questions to leading career experts will be possible.