Dover College



Dear Parents and Guardians,

Prep 5 gave a wonderful presentation on space and the solar system this morning in chapel – we witnessed some confident and accomplished performances from the boys and girls. Staff and parents alike were very proud of them.

I am saddened to announce that Kitty Myers, who has been an excellent Director of Performing Arts, will leave the College at the end of Lent Term to become Assistant Headteacher of Bexley Council’s Virtual School, where she’ll looking after the children in care to ensure that they have a good education. Kitty has been a great member of staff and inspired numerous pupils to take part in Drama. I am very grateful to her, and look forward to celebrating her achievements fully when she leaves next March. We are already recruiting for her successor, and when I know more, I will inform parents immediately.

I look forward to the House Music tomorrow, which will be hotly contested! It is in many ways one of the highlights of the senior school year. Good luck to all the pupils involved!

I was extremely disappointed to miss the Remembrance ceremonies at the College, but delighted that they went so well, and pleased to hear of Jack French’s return, as well as the laying of wreaths at Billie’s statue on the 11th. My time in Dubai was fruitful and brief, but I would have preferred to have been with pupils on those days.

I am visiting Windlesham House School tomorrow to preach in their Saturday service, and also Holmewood House School on Monday afternoon. Mock examinations start next week; we wish all those pupils taking them the best of luck.

Yours faithfully,

Gareth Doodes.


Sport Report

Wednesday 6thNovember

Priory Interhouse Football

A very even first half but School House pulled away in the second half to win comprehensively by seven goals to two to claim the first house match of the year. School House were able to minimise disruption with their substitutions, which Leamington found to their cost.

U13 Hockey vs Northbourne Park

The Priory girls battled bravely at Three Hills but went down 1-0 in the A team game with Amy Brown (Re) as Player of the Match, with a similar result in the B team match.

Thursday 7thNovember

Senior Hockey vs Ashford

Our young team performed very well against the Ashford 1stXI and, despite the 3-0 score line can be pleased with their efforts. Alicia Myers (5th, Duckworth) earnt the Player of the Match award thanks to some brilliant saves.

Saturday 9thNovember

Senior Football vs Kent College

The 1stXI drew 2-2 at home against Kent College, a new fixture this year, and should probably have won the game. Goals were scored by Jaiden Flisher (5th, School) and Bekas Yusuf (U6, Leamington). We look forward to the return fixture in two weeks where we will be confident of the win. The 2ndXI, including some six Third Form boys, were magnificent away from home, against a much older team from Kent College. After holding out for much of the first half, we went in 3-0 down after a few lapses in concentration but came back superbly in the second half, scoring three excellent goals through Smith (2) (3rd, School) and captain Hide (L6, School). The boys involved were a credit to the College and acquitted themselves very well in their first taste of senior football.


Old Dovorian’s Everywhere!

Aidan Stones (Leamington 1989-1991) can be seen here leading the Remembrance Day Parade in Hamilton, Bermuda.


The Christopher Tower Poetry Competition

The Tower Poetry competition has the UK’s most valuable prize for young poets. We think Imogen Langley (St Martin’s, Fifth Form) is in with a good chance of winning the £3000 for her poem on the set theme ‘Trees’. Good luck Imogen!



Breathing, but I’m not alive,

Present, yet vacant,

Merely a shell of my empty state of existence remains.

I would run;

Sprint, until I am able to rid myself of these leaves

As they fall off; encaptured by the breeze of vitality;

Until these regrets fade,

Until these haunting memories cease to exist.

Yet I am stuck in a paralytic state;

In a coma;

Aware, but unable to move

As my roots are secured in the Earth below;

In boundaries; in a fight to survive;

In a continuous cycle that keeps me alive yet takes the life from my veins.

I want to run, but I can’t,

So I hide

Burying myself in the hollow of my soul,

I allow myself to drown in the poison that I willingly absorb,

To choke,

To suffocate in my flaws.

I allow myself to become weak,

To be so fragile that the slightest bit of wind desolates my world.

I allow myself to fade –

To crumble.

I give up.

Letting my leaves hit the ground

I let the pain win

In hope of becoming numb.

I feel nothing,

Inside a shell; inside a progressive world

Everything is thriving; blossoming,

Everything, except me

Who is lost, trying to be found,

Who is failing, trying to succeed,

Who is being torn apart

From my limbs to the rings of my wisdom.

Now I am nothing,

I have reached my demise,

My leaves have changed and fallen

Leaving me in a state of emptiness

While I find refuge within, while I become numb.


Then, I feel the rain

Trace down my desolated exterior

Outlining my purpose, soaking my thwarted roots in hope –

I let it in, embracing the resuscitation it offers,

It is only then that I can once again grow.



More than sixty of our students attended a performance of Macbeth this week in our very own Menzies Theatre. Shakespeare’s classic story of prophesies, ambition, murder, fate and consequence was told in a new version by the Quarter Too Ensemble. This intimate production brought our pupils up close to Macbeth as he grappled with possibility and fate. They followed him as his vaulting ambition for power drove his hands to become stained by deeds that no water could clear him of.

Quarter Too’ssmall and versatile cast shared the storytelling of a concise version of Shakespeare’s text, complete with original music and audience participation.


Drama in the ISC

This L6 class has been working very hard recently on exam-based tasks. Tread and perform a sketch for teenagers called “The Fur Coat”. They all took their roles extremely seriously and we much enjoyed watching it. Special mention to student Vincent Brandstetter who was very amusing as the deaf granny who inadvertently wears a fur coat to her granddaughter’s charity concert in aid of animal rights!