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Dear Parents and Guardians,

There is lots to celebrate this week, but special mention must go to Emily Calder, our new College World Champion! The write-up of her experiences in Sardinia makes for a gripping reading, and needless to say, we are enormously proud of her and all that she has achieved.

Tonight sees the annual Cranleigh Old Dovorian Reunion, and this year we are going to be welcoming nearly 30 people at the event, which will be a super celebration and a chance to hear stories that stretch back nearly 60 years!

Yours faithfully,

Gareth Doodes.


Sport Report

Monday 11thNovember

U13 Football vs Gad’s Hill

All boys in Priory house played away against St Edmund’s on Monday as they entertained us for A and B fixtures. The B team battled bravely but could not break down a physical home side. The A side scored three excellent goals after a tactical change at half time to play the ball forward at every opportunity, being more direct, but it was not enough as an unbeaten St Ed’s team continued their fine run.


Wednesday 13thNovember

U13 Football vs Northbourne Park

The B team played superbly on Wednesday, putting our visitors to the sword with four excellent goals from Korede Kuteyi (Re, Priory), Jimmy Irwin (Re, Priory), Leo Young (Sh, Priory) and Zac Ollerenshaw (Sh, Priory) just reward for a very hard working group of boys. The A team had a great match against our visitors but could not come away with the win, despite a very good goal from Thai Deekes (Re, Priory).


U13 Hockey vs Sir Roger Manwood’s

Olivia Kibler (Sh, Priory) was the Player of the Match in an excellent effort against a strong visiting team at Three Hills. The girls played some flowing and technically proficient hockey in one of their best performances of the season.


Thursday 14thNovember

The 1stXI had a tough match at home against Harvey Grammar, in difficult conditions after the morning’s torrential rain. Things were looking comfortable after an excellent start, and four goals from Jack Hanson (U6, Leamington) (2), a fine effort from Harry Meadows (5th, School), continuing to improve with every performance, and Jaiden Flisher (5th, School) with a penalty after drew the foul in the box. The Harvey boys, to their great credit, came back strongly and nicked the win at the death as we tired in the final quarter. The match was played in an excellent spirit and both sets of boys were a credit to their schools.


Battle Abbey Sports Exchange

We welcomed 19 pupils and 2 staff from Battle Abbey for the home leg of our annual U13 exchange overnight on Friday into Saturday. After an exciting evening of benchball in the sports hall and a movie night in the lecture theatre, we played fixtures on Saturday morning. The football boys went down to a strong, powerful side, despite some superb individual showings, in particular Barnaby Agar (Sh, Priory) who was a constant thereat with his pace, scoring a superbly taken goal. The hockey girls came away with a victory by two clear goals, as our superior passing and finishing was the difference. We now look forward to the away leg in the Lent term.

Congratulations to Olivia Kibler, who after her selection for the County U13 Cricket squad, has also been asked to attend a County Hockey trial after being nominated by her development centre. We wish her the best of luck, well done!


Geography Field Trip to Canterbury

The Geography Field Trip to Canterbury was a new one for the Fifth Form. The pupils have just started as section in the syllabus on Tourism. There is no better way to start into the subject than to be tourist yourself at one of the top ten tourist attractions in England, Canterbury Cathedral. Seventeen pupils with Mr Kibler and Miss Armstrong went to Canterbury for the day on Friday 15thNovember.

The day started off rather wet, but thankfully, most people had heeded staff instructions to bring a warm waterproof coat. After a briefing in the classroom, then collecting pack lunches, we set off for Canterbury in the train.

The class was split into five groups, which had been previously decided. One of these groups navigated from Canterbury East Train Station to Christ Church Gate leading the rest of the group there in a slightly drier rather than direct route. We arrived at the Gate where students had about twenty minutes to go off in the directions they would go in later, to familiarise themselves with the territory of their data collection.

We watched an audio-visual as an introduction to the Cathedral and its rather comprehensive, dramatic history. After this, our tour guide Theresa took us on a tour to almost all parts of the Cathedral. As part of this, there was a re-enactment of the murder of Thomas Beckett. Tom kindly volunteered to take the role and, as we monks walked around the Cloisters, we were closely followed by the four knights Jaiden, Adam, Tallulah and Leigh. Lin aptly played the King’s role.

After our tour, we had Chris talk to us about the importance of tourism to England and specifically, Canterbury. After this, there was a chance to head out into the city for a break or a bite to eat (a number of pack lunches seemed to have been already gobbled up on the train!).

The data collection took up most of the afternoon. The students set out with three tasks to help gather data to prove or disprove the hypothesis that Christ Church Gate was a centre of tourism in Canterbury. Students did street surveys, questionnaires and people counts at different locations in the city. A lot of data was collected for further studies in the classroom.

Overall, the students rated the field trip around eight out of ten. Had the weather been better we could have got a nine or ten. At least it was not as wet as Thursday was!


Emily Calder (5th, St Martin’s) – World Championships

What an exciting and busy half term – with the Hockey tournament in San Sebastian – which Emily really enjoyed and the ITFU world championships in Sardinia – a phenomenal Sporting two weeks!

Emily’s Martial arts career to date has predominately been WTF based where she is currently a third degree black belt – however, this past five months she has reached out to perform Kick Boxing and ITFU martial arts. All three federations have different styles of Katas and fighting. She has recently triple graded in ITFU and is on her way to a black belt.

Sardinia was Emily’s first World Competition in ITFU and she was entered into two categories – Poomsae Kata and Continuous S parring. The England Head ITFU coach also handpicked her to join the England Squad!

In both categories, Emily represented England against peers who were four, five and six belts higher than she was.

The first category was the Poomsae Katas – she competed against six other countries, and was awarded Gold at the end. This was brilliant news and had exceeded everyone’s expectations as Emily was considered the “underdog.”

Emily had six competitors in the Continuous Sparring – Scotland, England, Argentina, Korea, Canada and Russia – and she managed to get through to the semifinal!

The final came and she was in the ring with Russia – after three two-minute rounds and many warnings against Russia, the fight was declared a draw, so Emily had to right again. The contestants were well matched and went to a draw again!

The whole stadium was now focused on this fight – it was now going to a golden point – the first competitor to score a clean shot against their opponent.

The Golden Point round began and Emily scored the first point unanimously against the phenomenal Russia – an incredible achievement!

In her first ITFU world competition representing England, Emily came home with two Golds for both of the categories she entered.

Following this, Emily spent a weekend in Bath competing in a WTF International Competition, entering into four categories:

Paired forms                                     Gold

Paired extreme kicking combo     Gold

Individual form                                Gold

Point stop sparring                          Bronze


Many people commented on Emily in particular and the officials were exceptionally complementary about her paired forms and kicking combo, which has to be synchronized and due to their belt level high complex technical kicks – both her and her partner performed them beautifully and raised the bar and set the standard going forward – they were simply mesmerizing to watch.

The sparring round again was electric, however Emily was up against what the officials called a “dog fighter” which gave Emily more experience of different types of competitors again. Both of them conducted themselves maturely and professionally which was widely commented on and how the fact that they are inspirations for others

Emily has now been invited to visit Australia to complete in the Aussie Competitions next July.

Well done Emily!




Shed Load of Toys!

Thank you to all the students and their parents who have donated toys for the KMFM Shed Load of Toys Campaign. The Headmaster will pick five names out of a hat and those students will join Mrs Doodes on Wednesday 27thNovember to deliver them to the studio for a tour and a chance to meet the breakfast show host’s Gary and Laura.


Friends of Dover College Christmas Fair – Friday, 6th December

The Friends of Dover College are busy preparing for the Christmas Fair on the 6thDecember. We are hosting over 20 stalls and so it is a perfect opportunity to get your Christmas shopping started! The Horsebox will be selling festive hot drinks and Father Christmas will be visiting, doors open at 4pm. Donations to the Chocolate Tombola can be left in the Prep School office or in Priory Lodge.


Recycle your crisp packets

Your used crisp packets will be turned into life-saving funds for the Air Ambulance Kent Surrey Sussex. Please do bring them in to Priory Lodge!