Dover College



Dear Parents and Guardians,

The Carol service yesterday provided a wonderfully uplifting and festive finish to the Michaelmas Term. I was so impressed with the readers and the choir, which this year performed a mixture of traditional and modern carols that kept the congregation spellbound. The message of Christmas never ceases to be awe-inspiring to me: all of us are parents, and the thought that a little, helpless child, newly born, would be the saviour of humankind never ceases to create wonder and awe. ‘And the word became flesh’ is one ofthe finest sentences ever written.

The kitchen staff did a super job in presenting a delicious Christmas lunch for all the pupils in the Prep and the Senior School, and it was wonderful to celebrate some exceptional work from the Prep School pupils in their end of term assembly last Friday.

I am grateful to all the staff for the hard work that they have put in over the last term, for the determination of the pupils and the support of governors. Jess joins me in wishing you and your families a very Merry Christmas and happy, healthy and prosperous 2020.

Yours faithfully,

Gareth Doodes. Headmaster

PS – and just to let you know, Rupert Hill’s 100th term at Dover College just finished!



Final Assembly Senior School Assembly Michaelmas 2019

It has been a hectic, but hugely enjoyable term, and I am very grateful to all staff and pupils for their hard work and dedication through the last three months. It is always sad to say goodbye to staff members, and today we are very sadly saying farewell to one of our Housemistresses, namely Mrs Tyrell. Mrs Tyrell has been a superb leader for the girls in St.Martin’s, and has also been a super teacher in the English department and a great supportto Mrs Green. Returning to Hong Kong, from where she came, we send her our very best wishes and this small token of thanks as she and Isabella prepare for their flight to the Far East.

We also say goodbye today to a number of one-term pupils, and our community has been enriched by their presence, as we hope they have been enriched by being with us. So to:

Mariola Egea Garcia

Elena Albo Jimenez

Natalia Saez Alvarez

Mira Al Qaiwani

Emma Jung

Paula Kunert

Julie Schneider

Maria Molinari

Josephine Mueller

Matilde Zanetti

we wish the very best of luck for the future, and ask that they stay in touch with the College and keep us informed of all their progress and achievements.

Christmas is a time for celebration, and gratitude. I am particularly grateful to my Heads of School, Izzy and Tul, who have both demonstrated enormous resilience, fortitude, determination and leadership this last term, juggling the responsibilities of their subjects whilst also being inspiring shepherds of the school community and a shoulder for me, too. It is never an easy job being a Head of School, as the balance is so difficult at times between various members of the community. Izzy and Tul undertake the role with great skill and panache and I for one am very proud of them. They lead a strong prefect body, and in their various ways, we have been blessed by having them at the top of the school.

A highlight of the term for me was the House Music. What I think is very splendid about the College is the genuine wish everyone has for each other to succeed. And, when people stand up and try something different, the community always supports them. Although School House won the event, I think that everyone who contributed shone, and it was a brilliant reflection on the school and our community.

I am going to reflect on each department and the achievements that of the term:

The ENGLISH DEPARTMENT have had a constructive term.

Shell pupils started the Michaelmas term by going on an adventure into the unknown; exploring what drives people to seek out adventure and writing their own thrilling adventure stories. They have finished the term wondering about their identity, all trying toanswer the question ‘Who am I?’

Remove pupils began the term studying stories about great detectives and baffling mysteries, trying to work out the formula to create their own best-seller. Their term has ended with them finding out what it is like to work for a charity and persuading others to take action.

Third Form have started their GCSEs by discovering how writers of horror stories exploit our greatest fears and how war poets convey their messages. We are proud of those chosen to have their Through Their Eyes poetry put into print by the Young Writers company.

Fourth and Fifth Form pupils have been busy preparing for their GCSEs. To support this, over60 students attended an interpretation of Macbeth brought to the school’s very ownMenzies Theatre by the fantastic QuarterToo Ensemble.

As part of their study of The Gothic, Upper Sixth English Literature A-Level students went to The Marlowe Theatre to watch The Northern Ballet bring the dark tale of Dracula alive.

Certificates awarded to the following for the effort they have put into their reading this term:

Katie-Jane Wallace

Monty Taylor

Daisy Harris

Zachary Ollerenshaw

Poppy Harris

Jimmy Irwin

Maddie Warnock

Rishma Patel

Finn Wood

Scarlett Rathmell

It has been a busy term in the MATHS DEPARTMENT, with many excellent achievements. 20 gifted and talented pupils from Fifth Form to Upper Sixth were entered into the UKMT.

Senior Maths Challenge. Six pupils achieved certificates: five Silver and one Bronze.

Silver Certificates: Tim Wu, Lucas Zheng, Tom Yuan, Chang Jin, Summer Leigh

Bronze Certificates: George Ting


We also sent a team of four pupils Summer Leigh, Tom Yuan, Olivia Xie and Lucas Zheng to take part in the Regional Heat of the UK Mathematics Trust/Advanced Mathematics Support Programme Senior Team Mathematics Challenge at Simon Langton Grammar School for Boys. They competed against 15 other teams from selective grammar and independent schools and colleges across East Kent. In a difficult and challenging event, the team worked remarkably hard and were placed 7th; an amazing achievement, well done team.

Additionally the following pupils have worked tremendously hard and have made outstanding progress throughout the term: Lucas Zheng, Alicia Myers, Anna-Lucia D’Angelosante, Sebastian Powell, Lola Lanham, Ella Ray & Stuart Yuan


It has been a good term in the HISTORY DEPARTMENT across the board. Students in the Upper Sixth have almost completed their coursework and one in particular, Oli Cheeseman, beat all previous records for timely submission. Fifth Form have recently undertaken their mocks with a 75% pass rate, and special mention goes to Rosie Baldwin for getting a Level 8. Fourth Form are making rapid progress through the Nazis and Third Form have been put through their paces on the same subject. Special mention to Seb Powell for getting a Level 9. Shell and Remove are finding their feet in the new History sections of the Connected Curriculum and special mention goes to four students for achievement:

Poppy Harris

Demira Govender

Katie-Jane Wallace

Daisy Harris


GEOGRAPHY pupils in Remove have been studying Our Restless Planet this term as well as looking at International Development. Third and Fourth Form have been studying Population and Geographical Skills. Fifth Form has been studying Coastal Processes, Weather, Tourism and Investigative Skills. Fifth Form also went on a Field Trip to study Tourism in Canterbury. As well as studying Earth’s Life Support Systems and Our Hazardous Earth, the Sixth Form Geographers also attended some extremely good and useful lectures in London.

In Remove, the top three achievers in Geography this term have been Poppy Harris, Demira Govender and Maddie Warnock

In Third Form Nathan Powell is the top Geographer.

In Fourth Form Marguerite Huet has made the greatest effort and has done particularly well in her map work.

In Fifth Form Lucrezia Cerino has achieved the highest marks with consistent good behaviour and work in class and at home. Emma Jung has shown a huge amount of effort in Geography too, producing the best project work.

In Sixth Form George Ting receives the top prize for his research outside of class time.



This term saw the introduction of the BTEC Level 3 Applied Science qualification. Pupils have been working hard studying all three Sciences for their January exam and have enjoyed learning about the real-world applications of these Sciences.

Shell pupils have been learning about forces this term and have applied this to the forces on Santa’s sleigh, and working to improve the design to make him even more efficient.

Third Form have been working towards their Entry Level Certificate in Science and students have relished the opportunity to develop their practical skills and design their own experiments to test a variety of theories.

Fifth Form have been studying for their mock exams and we are impressed with their attitude and commitment to their studies. However, we still have had time for some fun in Science! In Physics, they measured the speed of light using chocolate and a microwave. This produced a value of 3.4*10^8 which is very close to the actual speed of light! As all good Scientists do, we then repeated our experiment with marshmallows and got the same value, showing that our result is reliable and our Fifth Form Physicists are able experimenters!

Upper Sixth Biochemistry students had the opportunity to attend a Royal Society ofChemistry annual lecture on ‘Magic, Folk Medicine and Modern Drug Discovery’ by David Witty at Canterbury Christ Church University.

It has been a busy Michaelmas term in Science, and we are looking forward to the hard work and inquisitiveness continuing next term.

Certificates are awarded as follows:




Phoebe Davis

Leo Young


Poppy Harris

Maddie Warnock

Connor Harris

Harvey Jones

Third Form

Seb Powell

Finn Wood

Fourth Form

Aleks Babaev
Anna-Lucia D’Angelosante

Louise Wallace

Max Taddei

Fifth Form

Imogen Langley

Emma Jung

Matthew Chan

Rose Foucault

Lower Sixth

Physics: Lucas Zheng

Chemistry: Edward Aylward Lopez

Biology: Niall Noonan

Physics: Chang Jin

Chemistry: Layth Khader

BTEC: Vincent Brandsetter

Upper Sixth

Biology & Chemistry: Lou Demleitner

Physics: Tom Yuan


In COMPUTER SCIENCE, the robotics club have had a few busy weeks this term building their robots. They have learnt to use an online application to create a program, which is then downloaded to the robot. The commands translate to movement, light and sound. Clayton Ferguson and Finn Wood are both key performers in this club, sharing their knowledge and helping others.

The A-Level class have rapidly improved their programming skills and Niall Noonan is our star programmer – he has a positive approach and never gives up.


In BUSINESS STUDIES, the Remove Business groups have been working on a project to develop their own businesses. They performed brilliantly when pitching to a Dragon’s Den last week, as well as taking part on the Dragon’s Den panel. They showed inventiveness,understanding and skill in Business.

Third Form have looked at how to set up a business and ownership structures. We have also made a brief visit to marketing. Clayton Ferguson has really impressed Miss Toombs this half term, as he is putting a lot of effort into the quality of his written work, using structures that he has been taught. We have also held a competition based on The Apprentice.

Fifth Form pupils have gone through finance and have now moved into operations. Imogen Langley impressed with her very high score in the mock. She has made some good notes for revision and is progressing well.

In Lower Sixth, we have been working through unit one of their coursework. Vincent Brandstteter and Gustav Wiemer have both worked very hard this term and have passed the first assignment of unit one.


In ECONOMICS, Fourth Form have looked at the basic economic problem and price elasticity of demand. Maisie Wells has done exceptionally well this year in her written work.

Fifth Form pupils have been looking at Fiscal and Monetary policies used by the government and Bank of England to achieve the macro objectives. Tim Wu has impressed with his focus and progress, particularly with his English.

In Lower Sixth, we have looked at price elasticity of demand, price competition and non- price competition. Baptiste Reynaud has offered some great answers to some difficult questions in class. We have spoken endlessly about Brexit as a class to try put some of the terms into context.

Upper Sixth Economics students have been looking at Globalisation and how that influences inequality and poverty. In addition, we have been learning the cost graphs. Well done to Toby Clarke who has made a lot of progress this term.


In the ART DEPARTMENT, all examination pupils have spent the majority of this term working towards their own coursework projects, before next terms examination projects commence. Pupils have explored a diverse range of themes with a wide variety of results. Our pupils in Shell and Remove, alongside their art projects this term, were given the opportunity to enter the International Peace Poster Competition. Special mention must go to Jimmy Irwin for his wonderful poster design. Jimmy’s artwork has gone onto the nextstage of the competition and we will find out next year how he gets on.

Many pupils have worked very hard throughout the term, and we are proud of what they have achieved, however we would like to give a special mention to those pupils who have given an incredible effort throughout this term; Louis Olson-Welsh for his consistent hardwork on his ‘natural forms’ art project. Harrison Seal, for the many hours he has spent improving his drawing, both in and out of class, and to Marie Hui, for her consistent hard work and perseverance towards her photography work.

Finally, we say farewell to some of our pupils who are leaving us this term, all have made excellent progress within the art department and we shall miss them. Therefore, we would like to award certificates to the following pupils for both their effort and achievements:

Fourth & Fifth Form Art:

Elena Albo Jimenez

Paula Kunert

Julie Schneider

Vivienne Raubach

Lower Sixth Art, Textiles and Photography:

Josephine Mueller

Maria Molinari

Matilde Zanetti



It has been another very busy term in DESIGN & TECHNOLOGY. Shell and Remove pupils have been working hard on their bird boxes. They are to finish them on the next rotation.

Third Form have also been working on their bird boxes, which are now finished. Nicholas Proctor, Mariola Egea Garcia and Avy Taylor have demonstrated superb work.

Fourth Form have been doing lots of practical work and completed designer lamps and upcycled stools over the past term.

Fifth Form pupils have produced some outstanding work in their projects. Special mention goes to Alicia Myers and Thomas Baker.

Certificates this term presented to:

Lola Lanham

Poppy Harris

Nicholas Proctor

Mariola Egea Garcia

Six Osman Titcombe

Alicia Myers

Thomas Baker

Avy Taylor


The DRAMA DEPARTMENT pupils have had the opportunity to see two live theatre performances this term: Frankenstein at the Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury and Blood Wedding at the Young Vic. Blood Wedding was inspirational for the BTEC course and the school has been given permission to study the director ‘Yael Farber’ as a practitioner for the BTEC Performing Arts course. Pupils have also enjoyed connecting their learning with their English studies with a joint activity focusing on the play Macbeth. We invited ‘QuarterToo Ensemble’ to come and perform the play at the College giving the pupils the opportunity toconsolidate learning relating to written analysis and practical application of skills.


CREATIVE DIGITAL MEDIA has had a studious term, less active in the practical elements, more concentrated on the psychology and sociology relating to media texts. We have balanced Freud and Marx with Bond and Jumanji.

This led to a number of Fourth and Fifth Form students being able to show how well they could apply complex abstract concepts to modern media texts. Louise Wallace and Tyler Henderson notably excelled at this and are awarded the certificates of excellence for Fourth Form, with Sam Wichall getting the performance certificate, as he has worked hard to challenge the concepts and build on the class understanding.

Remove have been working on video editing and building narrative through the image juxtaposition, they have worked hard to understand the new concepts and hone their technical skills, most notably learning the difference between Hugh Jackman and Huge Yakman.

The Sixth Form have been working hard, producing well-researched and comprehensive assessments of a pre-production portfolio.

Outside of the classroom environment, we have continued to have compelling films produced by the students showing innovation and a growing confidence. A highlight of the term has to be house music as it was great to see so many students working so hard to deliver this from a staging and technical perspective. The backstage team produced an interesting and creative set. This bodes well for the upcoming work for Chicago.

Of particular note for the technical team are Marie Hui and Clayton Ferguson, they have been awarded the certificates for their scenic design and lighting design respectively.

It has been a busy term in the MODERN FOREIGN LANGUAGES department.

At the beginning of September, we welcomed another member to the department, Miss Haddon, and a new language, German. The students who opted for the language in the Fourth Form have applied themselves fully and are making big strides on this accelerated course.

The MFL department and ISC department worked together to make the European Day of Languages a real success, with a survey on students and staff linguistic competence and our“famous” international cake sale, raising over £100 for our charity. Special thank you to all those who took part and particularly to the winners for whom we have a certificate Cameron Mathews, Thomas Walmesley and Maddie Warnock.

Through the rest of the term, we have worked on a wide variety of topics and some exciting projects including:

In German – Students learnt about the Carnival in Cologne.

In Mandarin – The Baking Club has been busy making steamed eggs, Chinese buns and mooncakes.

In Spanish – Fourth Formers embarked on project work on social media and favourite apps –earning Louise Wallace and Anna Grant a Headmaster’s commendation.

In French – Shell and Remove groups have been busy writing letters and are looking forward to receiving the visit of their Belgian school pen pals next term.

Our certificates for excellence are as follows:


William Murphy – French

Phoebe Davis – Spanish

Harvey Toohig – Mandarin


Harry Ward – Spanish

Poppy Harris – Spanish & French

Isla Taylor – Mandarin

Maddie Warnock – French


Third Form

Sebastian Powell – Spanish

Nicholas Proctor – French


Fourth Form

Gabriella Hood – French

Aleks Babaev – Spanish

Kirsten Blackburn – German


Fifth Form

Yzin Khader – French

Elise Durand – Spanish


Lower Sixth

Harvey Mashitter Yates – French

Edward Aylward-López – Spanish


Upper Sixth

Freya Laidlow-Petersen – French

Dillon Clarke – Spanish


We have been lucky this term to have a delightful group of students in the INTERNATIONAL STUDIES CENTRE (ISC) and together we have had a very productive & positive time.

Students have been bright, curious and creative in their approach to learning English.

They have been involved in projects such as the writing and performance of mini theatrical productions & delivering power point presentations on childhood passions.

Certificates of excellence are awarded to Mariola Egea Garcia, Lucrezia Cerino, Johanna Bockeloh & Natalia Saez Alvarez for consistently outstanding work.

We would also like to present these certificates of effort & achievement this term:

Third Form: Ilyad Motiei

Fourth Form: Aleks Babaev

Fifth Form: Paul de Lardemelle

Sixth Form: Lucas Zheng, Gustav Weimer & Bob Ren



The Michaelmas term is always very busy for the MUSIC DEPARTMENT. Especially for everyone involved in performances.

The computer suite had all its new music software and hardware installed, which students from Shell to U6, are already using, in formal music lessons and during activities times. The new facilities are helping students create the type of music they like to make and create.

The Choir have been very busy, performing in public at Founders’ Day, RemembranceSunday, Market Square and the Advent Carol Service. They are feverishly rehearsing for the highlight of the term, the Christmas Carol Service. There have been many new members this year, particularly from Priory and the Choir continues to grow.

There have been two Informal Concerts for both the Prep School and the Senior School. As always, there has been an exciting mix of old and new faces.

On a more individual note, stand out achievements go to Liulian Zheng who passed both grade five piano and theory within a few days and to Harvey Mashiter-Yates who achieved a merit for his grade seven saxophone. We have his certificate here.

In terms of sheer energy and the numbers involved, perhaps the highlight of the term was the House Music Competition. It was great to see so much passion and fun happening on stage, with excellent performance from the soloists and small ensembles to the House songs. So inspiring was the evening that new music groups will begin in the New Year, to help ensure more students are making more music.

Certificates are awarded as follows:

Thomas Warmsley for achievement

Thai Deekes for effort


Poppy Tillin for achievement

Sebastien King for effort


Third Form
Seb Powell for achievement

Ayomide Kuteyi for effort


Fourth Form
Aleks Babaev for achievement

Natalia Sáez Alvarez for effort


Fifth Form
Mira Al Qailwani for achievement

Libby Martin for effort


Lower Sixth
Harvey Mashiter-Yates for achievement

Edward Aylward López for effort

It has been wonderful to see the start of our of fundraising events this term for this year’snominated CHARITY, Porchlight. Various events have taken place during the including, Milkshake Monday, Fairtrade Friday, Waffle Wednesday, and Festive Friday.

Thank you to everyone for their donations to the Shed Load of Toys campaign, Jack Hanson, Annastazia Dziumak, Nathaniel Turner, Evelyn Taylor and Isabella Dyer joined Mrs Doodes to deliver these direct to the KMFM studios last week. The pupils enjoyed a tour of the studio and recorded some pieces, which have been used on the Breakfast Show. The team at KMFM passed on their thanks to all those who donated so generously.

A special mention must also go to Maddie Warnock for her commitment to charity. Maddie held a charity disco a few weeks ago and raised £1000 for the Padua Children’s Ward inWilliam Harvey Hospital. Maddie and her brother James would like to thank everyone who came to the disco for their support.



And now for the DUKE OF EDINBURGH awards.

Rhiannon Church is awarded Silver DofE certificate.

Erin Harris is awarded the Bronze DofE certificate and badge.

Angelique Taylor is awarded the Bronze Level certificate and badge.




The Hockey season has been an extremely successful one, especially at the top of the College as a core group of Fourth and Fifth Form girls have formed a young, talented senior team.

Senior Hockey

Mrs Butt and Mr Breeze have had the pleasure of working with a dedicated and committed group of individuals this term, superbly led throughout by Captain, Emily Calder. There have been many notable wins this season, not least the last of the term as we thumped Bethany 1st XI 8-0 in a comprehensive display last week at Three Hills. Wins against King’s Rochester, Duke of York’s and a superb away draw at St Edmund’s were season highlights. The best performances of the season came on the Basque Country Tour, with the girls finishing unbeaten having played some top quality opponents, including the prestigious Real Sociedad and Joloseta Clubs. It has been the most successful season in recent years for thesenior hockey category and the future continues to be bright for girls’ sport at the College as we look to next term and the Netball season.

U13 Hockey

Once again, all Priory girls have had the opportunity to represent the College this term, including many novice players in Shell. It has been a largely positive season with excellent wins over St Edmund’s and Ashford amongst the highlights. A win in the last match of the season against Duke of York’s was a terrific way to finish the term. The Shell duo of Olivia Kibler and Phoebe Davis have been the backbone of these wins, ably supported by Amy Brown, Lola Lanham and the Harris sisters – Daisy and Poppy. Well done girls!


Senior Football

The 1st XI have enjoyed their best season for four years, with a positive win-loss ratio and having scored 32 goals over the course of their matches. Led maturely by Jack Hanson and assisted by Ryan Sewell, Mr Payne’s Keegan-esque mentality of “you score two, we’ll score three” was backed up by a prolific strike force of Jaiden Flisher and Bekas Yusuf. A new defensive partnership of Seb Klappa and Gustav Wiemer did their best to make matches as exciting as possible and added their considerable influence during set pieces. Particularly pleasing was the number of Fifth Form boys who have stepped up and performed superbly throughout the season. Wins against Tonbridge, Sevenoaks and Kent College were amongst the many highlights.


2nd XI/U15 Football

The U15s were a young side this term, often relying on a core of Third Form boys who performed so well last year in Priory. The highlight of the season was the Belgium trip, where 14 players represented the College with distinction, winning all three of their matches against international opposition and visiting Ypres on the return journey. Many of the group also played up several year groups to bolster the ranks of the 2nd XI, where they gained valuable experience of senior football.


U13 Football

The Priory boys have had a great season, with some excellent results for both A and B teams, and all boys having multiple opportunities to represent the College. The B team performed with commendable commitment all season and their efforts were rewarded with a superb double winning home and away against Northbourne Park in their best performances of the season. The A team played more games this year than in previous years and the continuous competition proved beneficial for the group as we were able to blood many Shell boys throughout the season, with only four regular starters from Remove, boding very well for the future.


Individual Achievements of Note

1st XI captain Jack Hanson was again selected for Kent U18, and had the opportunity to captain the side. Emily Calder from Fifth Form won a Gold medal at the World Taekwondo Championships in Sardinia, and earned an invitation to Australia to compete in their National Championships in the summer. Nathaniel Turner in Third Form is currently ranked number one fastest 13-year-old boy in Kent over 50m breaststroke.

Olivia Kibler in Shell has been selected for the Under 13 Kent Cricket squad and three Shell boys; Ronnie Meadows, Harvey Toohig and Barnaby Agar have been selected for the Prep School Pumas football squad.

Participation rates have again been high this term, which has been very pleasing to see. 59% of all boys across the Senior School have represented the College, with 52% of all senior girls also playing their part. As the major Games switch over to Rugby, Netball and Cross Country in Lent, more pupils will have further opportunities to participate and represent the College.


House Competition Update

House points this term have been won during House Music and in Hockey and Football matches across Priory and Senior categories. Current standings are as follows:

4th place – Leamington House 2.5pts

3rd place – Duckworth House 3pts

2nd place – St Martin’s House 4pts

1st place – School House 7.5pts


Thank you to all the Housemasters and mistresses.

Thank you to Simon and to Therese.