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Dear Parents and Guardians,

The sun is shining here this morning and, as children and staff arrive dressed outrageously in their World Book Day costumes yesterday, it reminds us all what school is really about.

Surrounded by Longstockings, Potters, Everdeens, Smurfs, Dinosaurs, Poppins, Loompahs and Tiggers any fears and concerns recede for a time and are replaced by positivity and optimism.

It has been a hectic week with the final round of the Head interviews, and I have been told an announcement should be made in due course. The candidates were most importantly interviewed by the pupils; their feedback went back to the Governors, and Claire Schofield-Myers, a parent who is also a Governor, has been involved with the process from the very start. I am sure that the next Head will be superb and it will open another exciting chapter in the College’s story.

We received a final copy of ISI report yesterday. We will send a copy to parents this week. I can guarantee that every one of you will be delighted with what you read.

The final performance of Chicago tonight sees the departure of Kitty Myers. She has been a wonderful Director of Performing Arts and we wish her the best of luck as she takes on a senior role in a virtual school. Staff and pupils alike will sorely miss her.

Yours faithfully,

Gareth Doodes.


Sport Report

On Tuesday 11thFebruary, the U16 girls played superbly to beat their counterparts from Claremont at home, Angelique Taylor (4th, Duckworth) being named Player of the Match for the A team and Anna Grant (4th, St Martin’s) Player of the Match for the B team.

Wednesday 12thFebruary saw our Priory girls triumph against Duke of York’s, Phoebe Davis (Sh) and Isla Taylor (Re) being named joint Players of the Match, but the boys came unstuck against Northbourne Park on the rugby pitch, despite some much improved tackling.

Unfortunately, our invitational 7s fell victim to the weather before half term, in both U14 and U18 categories.

On the first week back after the break, there was one unaffected engagement, rugby with Wellesley House at Farthingloe on Wednesday 26th, and the Priory boys continued their upward trajectory as we look to end of season tournaments. We scored three excellent tries, the pick came from Thai Deekes (Re) who beat several defenders in a very determined fashion to cross the line. Several Shell boys also performed very well, notable Leo Young (Sh) and Korede Kuteyi (Sh) who entered as reserves.



Dover College DofE Ambassadors Meet HRH Prince Edward

On Wednesday 4thMarch, our Heads of School, Isabella Nudd (U6, Duckworth) and Tul Lekhyananda (U6, School) joined with eight ambassadors from other schools to give a presentation to His Royal Highness, Prince Edward, the Earl of Wessex, on the role of the DofE Ambassadors in general and their work at Dover College in particular. They told him the reasons why they became ambassadors:

“I chose to be an ambassador because I thoroughly enjoyed my DofE and the scheme gave me great joy to express my excitement about the award to others.  It has helped me develop my public speaking skills and work alongside the school in improving the pupils’ awareness of the award”.

Izzy Nudd


“I wanted to be an ambassador because I felt that the DofE gave me so many opportunities and I really wanted to pass this on to my peers at the college.  This has made me a more confident public speaker and made me think outside the box.”

Tul Lekhyananda

The Ambassadors gave a pre-prepared presentation to just Prince Edward. The Prince listened carefully and asked interested questions as they explained the roles the ambassadors fulfilled at Dover College and the other schools. The prince thanked them for all their hard work and commented on how important their function is for the whole of the DofE scheme.

The group then gave a presentation to dignitaries including the mayors of Dover and also Deal and the Superintendent from Kent Police, Emma Banks.

“It was a lovely morning and I felt so proud of all the ambassadors – I was really impressed with how they worked together and conversed with Prince Edward in such a confident manner”, commented  Kerry Stavri, DofE Leader at Simon Langton School for Girls, Canterbury.

It was an interesting morning as Prince Edward thanked all the schools for their work and then unveiled a plaque to celebrate the work of the DofE centres in Kent. Prince Edward himself is a Gold Level award holder and is a trustee for the charity.

Tul explains how the Ambassadors help other DofE participants.

Mr Cox, Dover College DofE Centre Manager said, “I am so proud of Izzy and Tul.  They set such a good example to the other participants and, indeed, to the whole school with their positive work ethic, motivation, encouragement and enthusiasm for the scheme.  There is a direct connection between the fact that they are soon to finish and get their Gold award and the fact that they are Head Girl and Head Boy; completing the DofE at this highest level demonstrates leadership and service qualities sought by every worthwhile industry and community across the globe.”

Mr Cox thanks our IT Manager, Mr Pete Gridley, for his work before the event in Liaising with Dover Christchurch Academy, where the event took place, and his assistance with setting up IT on the morning of the visit itself. In addition, he thanks Miss Alice Armstrong, Outdoor Education leader at DC, for accompanying our ambassadors and supporting them.


Terrific Taekwondo!

Emily Calder (5th, St Martin’s) was successful at her grading and was promoted by two belts on Friday 28 February.

Emily took part in an ITFU Inter-Club Competition in West London, which contributes to her remaining on the England team. She competed as a green-tag in patterns, which is her official ITFU belt now and obtained a gold!

Following this, Emily competed at sparring as a black belt. Due to her experience, it would not have been fair for her to compete as a green belt. She faced an opponent a few kilograms heavier than her but still obtained a gold.

Finally, she competed in destruction and in the final had to go through two black boards against black belts. And…she obtained a gold!




Table Tennis Battle!

On Tuesday 3rdMarch, Leamington beat School House 5 – 0 at Table Tennis.

Lucas Wood (L6) and Léo Tardieu (L6) played one and two and had comfortable wins, 21-6 and 21-7 respectively.

The Clarke twin battle (Toby and Dillon, U6) was exciting with the dextrous Toby overcoming the sinister Dillon (The adjectives are Latin derived).

Harvey Mashiter-Yates (L6) had a close game with Tom Baker (5th) and Bekas Yusuf (U6) only just beat James Hide (L6) 24-22.

The match overall was exciting and entertaining.

The Leamington boys are looking forward to a match against the Common Room before the end of term.



World Book Day

As part of our celebration of World Book Day, several Shell pupils entered into the Design a National Book Token Competition. Having had Maisie Wells (4th, St Martin’s) as a runner-up in 2018, and looking at the quality so far, we are hoping for a winner this year! Good luck to all our entrants.



Let’s Share a Story

Having listened to a BBC Sounds special edition podcast featuring all of the shortlisted stories for the Young Writers Award, Fourth Form set about sharing their own stories with each other.


Below are two that we would like to share with you:

Who are we? Modern science partially covers our questions, but the majority is left unknown and undiscovered. The remaining questions still continue to lurk around our brain and subconscious, never departing until answered. We ponder whether the questions will ever leave the uncharted grounds in our minds. Our minds have been shaped and moulded into certain pieces and shapes that differ for everyone. These questions that we hold uncovered not only shortens our knowledge but our ability to think more openly, these questions are like barriers stopping us from achieving any grand and significant knowledge concerning who we actually are.

Why can’t we know the truth about our history? Is the history so horrific that not knowing is better than knowing?

But curiosity is dangerous, curiosity can drive anyone mad, if we were all curious maybe we would have known everything by now, if all had ambition, all would have knowledge.

However, what can we do with knowledge, yes, it’s a privilege, but a privilege to what? What can you achieve with knowledge? Sell it, share it, and keep it locked away? The only thing I know is that if I had the power to know, if I had the knowledge, I would fear less things as I would know them, for my fear comes from the things that are unknown and undiscovered, hovering in the darkness. If you had the power to know, would you fear less things too?

In the end, no matter what evidence we gather, in the end we are nothing, no one, just a mistake that occurred in the Big Bang.

Written and shared by Amira Ostalski-Khan (4th, Duckworth)

I was lying there in the cold, stained sheets reasoning with myself whether there was any reason to get up or not. I do not remember if I reasoned with thoughts or words as my ability to distinguish the truth had been heavily improvised. The only voice I had heard in years of isolation was my own, so whether I spoke to myself in my mind or aloud I do not know, and nobody was listening, so I suppose it did not matter.

I started to stare at my reflection in the tall, ghostly mirror that stood on the dresser across from the foot of my bed. A single tear rolled down my creased face and settle upon my pale, parched lips. My legs bowed and my knees quivered as I rose out of bed. I hobbled across to my window and drew back the silky, white curtains. A streak of light crossed my face, my eyes shimmered and my face screwed. I adjusted to the view outside. I watched people come in and out of the town hall, cars drive by and people walk their dogs. I became fixed on watching the lives of others. I enjoyed the distraction from my own.

I saw a man and his wife walk by my window on the path. The rims of my eyes blurred with tears of grief, even after all these years.

Written and shared by Rylan Broadley (4th, School)


World Book Day: Dover College Shares Stories

Dover College joined in the nationwide campaign to help make story telling a habit. Reading for pleasure is in decline, so we wanted to help boost it back up.  We wanted to show that you can ready anywhere and everywhere and that it can be fun for all involved.

Imogen Langley led an assembly to introduce the plan and provided story prompts to assist with ideas. Stories were written and shared by all year groups.



Celebrating International Women’s Day

Today, Friday 6thMarch, the girls in the Sixth Form participated in a conference held in the council chambers at Dover District Council’s offices in Whitfield, Dover as a celebration event for “International Women’s Day”.

The speakers – all female – are leading lights in their chosen field. The intention of the event was to celebrate the positivity of their leadership and the skills that they bring to the community.  They spoke feelingly about their own journeys and they spoke to inspire our pupils to achieve higher than they dare. A selection of quotes from some of the speakers gives a flavour of the messages:

Emma Banks, Detective Superintendent of Kent Police: “Show the qualities of a leader. Be consistent, fair, charismatic, reflective, selfless, innovative and courageous. Do the thing that scares you – that’s how you grow”.

Michelle Legumi, Deacon in Dover: “To serve is to lead – a servant leadership is about being part of a diverse community and belonging because you know you are beloved.”

Natalie Elphicke, MP for Dover and Deal: “What are the barriers?  How do you overcome them? We should all work – male and female – to make things equal.”

Rose Hudson-Wilkin, MBE, The Rt Revd Bishop of Dover: “Say ‘I am… I can!’…Be content in your skin and gender… Find a way to rise above life’s challenges… encourage and nurture one another…”

Barbara Buczek, Chief Commercial Officer of the Port of Dover Group: “Have the growth mind-set of continuous development of your skills and experiences. Believe in yourself; if you are at that [negotiating/business] table, you deserve that seat. Stay there and use your voice.”

Haley Dunning, 2020 Apprentice of the Year for Creative and Digital Works: Spoke feelingly about equality in life and the need to support each other. “We are the generation of equality… Be a stepping stone for another person to help them on their way in life.”

In addition, the pupils learnt about the roles within local government and the opportunities to contribute to the local community to create a better future.

The day was inspiring, positive and affirming and the Sixth Formers ended the day with a lively and open sharing of views about the day and the female role models who inspired them the most in their own lives.

Mr Cox thanks Miss Plant for her assistance and support throughout the day.


Lions International Peace Poster Contest

Congratulations to Remove pupil Jimmy Irwin who was awarded second place in the regional finals of the Lions International Peace Poster Contest. The theme for the competition was ‘A Journey of Peace’ and the Jimmy’s posters was among more than 600,000 entries submitted worldwide. Jimmy attended a presentation evening on Tuesday and received his certificate and prize from Dover Lions Club.



Recycle with Michael

After the success of the last appeal, we are happy to accept donations for the Recycle with Michael project again. If you are planning a Spring Clean this is a perfect opportunity to donate your unwanted clothes and shoes while raising money for Dover College and the Salvation Army. Bags are available from the Prep School office as well as Priory Lodge and our donations are being collected on Thursday 26th March 2020.


Recycle your crisp packets

Your used crisp packets will be turned into life-saving funds for the Air Ambulance Kent Surrey Sussex. Please do bring them in to Priory Lodge!


Dover College Second-Hand Uniform (Facebook)

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