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I hope that this View From The Close finds you well. We have had a busy week, the highlight for me being the Parents’ Evenings we hosted on Tuesday and Thursday. It’s very important to have feedback from parents, and to have an opportunity for us to meet collectively.

Both the pupils and the staff have found the move to e-learning quite tiring, with many different pressures than those experienced at home. Pease do keep feeding back to us about what is working, what isn’t working, and anything in between.

Teachers working in this new environment reflect on all comments made by parents. We have understandably had a number of emails from parents concerning non-classroom matters that have been copied into teachers. Can I politely request, for their own mental health, that should any parent have an issue or concern that doesn’t relate to teaching and learning, that they do not include their child’s teacher and instead direct it to the relevant member of the management team? It would be hugely appreciated.

And finally, weall think this period is going to develop new levels of resilience in the children, they will probably be far better than us at understanding and managing change in the years to come!

We hope you have a super weekend. Please note that next week is a short week as Friday is a Bank Holiday. Let’s hope for some sun!


The 2020 Live Canon Children’s Poetry Competition


We are delighted to inform you that Harry Dyson’s and Maisie Wells’ poems have made the shortlist of the 2020 Live Canon Children’s Poetry Competition. Although they didn’t win this time, we are extremely proud of them for being shortlisted – they had hundreds of entries, and narrowing it down was extremely difficult. As shortlisted poets, their poems will be published in the Live Canon 2020 Children’s Anthology.


HARRY DYSON, Age 12, Shell – Priory House


The Mary Rose

Behold those sails, my Mary Rose

And sail out of Portsmouth Harbour

A valiant stern, tough, stubborn nose

Hand carved by the gifted armada,

Don’t overload my Mary Rose

Those cannons at the ready

Accompanied by the fleeting show

Let Captain keep you steady.

I get that sinking feeling when I think of you,

Mary Rose, a wandering childhood fling, unprintable

Tudor prose I cannot resurrect or reconstruct your feat,

or pray and time-correct through words, or rhythm, or beat.

Lay peacefully my Mary Rose.

And deep, deep down I know there is still a part of you in that very sea.



MAISIE WELLS, Age 15, Fourth Form – St. Martins



The wind brushes past my ears,

The sun wipes away my fears.

The waves bash onto the rocks,

Out here I feel like there’s no time on my clock.

What I feel here relieves my mind,

A quiet day is just so difficult to find.

The sun sets over the clouds,

The night draws near,

I just feel like I have to be here.

I sit down and dream where life will go,

But really what I want right now, is time to go slow.

For once I feel like my life is a bliss,

So many hard days where my happiness was missed.

A million stars in the sky,

All I need to do now is to say goodbye.

Life can be a fragile affair,

All we are doing right now is dancing on thin air.

One by one, we lose the ones we love the most,

We just have to try and understand that it’s time for them to go.

You just can’t hold onto past mistakes,

It will leave you with a heartbreak.

My lungs are caving in,

My brain begins to spin.

My heart starts to cry,

My blood begins to fry.

I take my last breath,

As I take a step closer to death…

I’m gone.

I’m lost.

And I’m alone.

Mysteries of the Past

Geography pupils have made some interesting discoveries this week. Apart from it being very topical, as we have been studying Geological Time and the travels of the British Isles, Luke Reeve – Priory House (Remove)has come up with his own questions.

Luke found this rock in a field near Lymbridge Green, as seen on the map.

The questions are about the markings. What are they? Are they teeth marks? Is it a fossil? Or writing? At the moment the questions are with Ben Wilson of the Natural History Museum in London.


What do you think?

Until the truth is revealed we won’t know, but in the meantime, please email your answers to



Views from our World.

Vincent – Munich Germany

Chiara – Genoa, Italy

Ray – Yunnan Province, China

Anna-Lucia – Karlesruhe, Germany

Lucas -Beijing, China

Christian – Munich, Germany

Joseph – Lagos, Nigeria

Sunny – Hebei Province, China

Elise – Paris, France