Good Schools Guide Review

The Good Schools Guide has reviewed UK schools for the last thirty years. The Guide is often written by parents, but always for the parents. The Guide does not take advertising from schools nor are there any fees or retainers paid. Thus it is able to be impartial. The authors visit all the schools themselves and talk to pupils, staff, heads and boarding staff. They also research schools from a variety of external sources including parents. Their reviews are intended to be portraits of the schools and not inventories of their assts and achievements. They are however subjective and there is no guarantee of factual accuracy.

The Good Schools Guide is independent, forthright, well informed and unbiased, which gives it unique authority and has earned the trust of parents and educational organisations worldwide.



Excellent value for money, something we don’t often say in our line of work; sending your child here will genuinely set them up. But also a place that is human in its outlook, healthy, kind, and vigorous in its quest for excellence. As one student put it, ‘I love it at this school, and I feel privileged to be here.’



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Good Schools Guide Review