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Alison Potter Visit

Alison Potter Visit


On the 30th April we were fortunate to have Alison Potter visit the Design and Technology Department. Alison has been the ‘live’ client for Mai’s A Level Product Design project. Alison has been suffering from multiple sclerosis for a number of years and has associated mobility issues. Mai has visited Alison at her house and interviewed her to determine a design need. Mai has then designed a table to be used by Alison in an office that is height adjustable. She has managed to make this desk so it can slope at either end and is fully motorized.


Alison came in and gave Mai a full critique of her design and construction. This was vital for Mai’s coursework and has definitely improved her overall grade. The college would like to thank Alison for giving up her valuable time and also with her help with Mai’s project.

Mr Irwin


School House Housemaster