Dover College



Dover College’s recent inspection poured glowing praise on the school’s teaching, learning and personal development.

The school’s early years were highlighted as being particularly strong, with pupils exceeding the standards expected for their age. Across the school, pupils were found to be ‘excellent communicators’ who are ‘articulate and confident when speaking’, showing ‘strong initiativeand independence in the approach towards their learning’. They are willing to ‘accept responsibility for their action and demonstrate excellent behaviour’, and are ‘well prepared for the next stage of their lives’. Of particular note was the pupil’s ‘respect and tolerance for other cultures’ with pupils feeling that their views are listened to, are ‘naturally thoughtful of others’ and ‘exhibit a strong moral awareness and have an excellent understanding of the difference between right and wrong’. In the classroom, ‘pupils of all ages have positive and productive attitudes towards their learning with the most able pupils, gaining from the additional help offered freely by staff.’

The Headmaster, Gareth Doodes, was delighted with the report. ‘Over the last five and a half years we have undertaken a fundamental re-direction of the College’s delivery in the classroom, in our extra-curricular provision, moulding a school that is international in its outlook but deeply rooted to the Dover community. The report is a reflection of the brilliant work of teachers, of an exceptional leadership team, and consistent support from committed Governors. We are at the very top of the game in terms of our compliance and how we personally develop pupils. As the school approaches its 150th anniversary in 2021, it can do so in the knowledge that it is one of the leading schools in the South East and arguably one of the very best small schools in the country.’

Read the full report here: ISI REPORT January 2020