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Early Years Blog – Week 1

Early Years Blog – Week 1

The youngest members of the Dover College community returned to school earlier this week with great enthusiasm for the term ahead which shouldn’t come as a surprise with all the exciting, creative activities our Early Years team have planned.

Our Little Learners have had great fun making their own egg shaped chocolate and mini egg cheesecakes, weighing and measuring the required ingredients before lots of mixing. I am sure some children (and staff) has more chocolate on their faces than in the bowl, I am not sure how that happened?

Not bad considering the children have only been back in school for two days. Next week the Little Learners are going to be placing eggs in our incubators, we are extremely excited and look forward to sharing progress with you over the coming weeks.

The Pre-Reception class have been equally busy, kick staring their maths with a 2D shape hunt outdoors before a hugely successful Easter Egg hunt continuing the mathematical theme. Children confidently found shapes around their environment and started thinking about describing them, counting sides and corners and identifying shapes by these descriptions.

The fabulous start to the Summer Term continued through into Reception who celebrated St George’s Day, learning about George and the Dragon. After listening to the story and writing what George and the Dragon would say to each other the children decided to act out the story in our role play castle.

Reception also did some amazing maths finding out how many beans a giant could fit in their hand (it’s 118 in case you were wondering!). Next week Reception will be finding out about Jack and the Beanstalk.