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Early Years Blog – Week 2

Early Years Blog – Week 2

It has been another busy and highly excitable week in our Little Learners class as children begin to learn about growth and lifecycles. They started by planting sunflower seeds and were extremely enthusiastic upon the arrival of seven chick eggs which they placed in the incubator. Only another 16 days of waiting (and watching!) until they are due to hatch – we shall keep you posted.

Towards the end of the week the children enjoyed reading the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar persuading Mrs Mills to purchase some caterpillar eggs! I wonder how long they will take to hatch?

Our Pre-Reception pupils have been investigating shadows using torches to find their own shadows on the ground before discovering how they are formed when the light is blocked. There was great delight when they discovered that they could make shadow animals on the wall by blocking the light with their hands. Following this theme, we read The Dark Dark Night; a story all about a frog that is scared of its shadow. It didn’t take the children long to understand from the new knowledge they had gained!

Reception have had a fun week learning about Jack and the Beanstalk. Having read the book and recalled the story, children searched for Jack in the classroom and had a visit from the giant himself. Later they had the opportunity to try on some of the giant’s clothes and think of words to describe the size of them – GIGANTIC was definitely the favourite!

On Thursday afternoon, the giant returned on the hunt during break-time and whilst the children desperately searched high and low for bread, they could not find any! They searched for alternatives but even these could not satisfy the giant. An unhappy giant left but promised he would be back for bread next time! Reception pupils are now busy looking for bread recipes and will be baking some head of the giant’s next visit.

A busy week for all and lots more planned for the weeks to come! Watch this space.