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Early Years Blog – Week 3

Early Years Blog – Week 3

The fun never ends in the Early Years Department at Dover College. This week has been no exception with the Little Learners class continuing to develop their interest in lifecycles. They have been taking extra special care of the incubator which houses seven eggs waiting to hatch – only eight more days to go!

The class caterpillars are getting bigger by the minute and the children now have the caterpillar wiggle down to a fine art! The class almost exploded with excitement when an eight-legged character paid a visit to the classroom this week leading to a stimulating mathematical challenge.

In Pre-Reception, the children have been learning about 3D shapes by constructing their own creations using junk modelling. They used a range of cylinders, cubes and cuboids to create castles, robots, dogs, rabbits and houses! They were so excited and totally absorbed in their activity that they almost forgot to stop in time for their snack.

Reception kicked off the week making bread for the giant in preparation for his return. They searched through recipe books to find the right ingredients and followed the instructions carefully to make their bread. When the giant returned he was very pleased and left without eating any children – Phew!

Rounding off the week, children spent time in our Discovery Garden using rolling pins and mallets to create flower prints whilst learning the names of some familiar flowers including dandelions, bluebells and cow parsley. They also enjoyed using their imaginations to create clues to find secret treasure!

We look forward to sharing more exciting developments from our Early Years Department next week – watch this space!