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Early Years Blog – Week 4

Early Years Blog – Week 4

The Little Learners have been eagerly keeping a close eye on our chick eggs which have started to wobble. They are due to hatch today! Meanwhile, our caterpillars have grown an enormous amount and are busy spinning their cocoons. Following the story of The Hungry Caterpillar, children painted their feet to create butterflies. They said it “really tickled!”

This clever bunch of three-year-olds also engaged in their Maths Challenge, learning 3D shapes. Some of the children extended their learning by making cages for the animals using 3D blocks.

In Pre-Reception this week, children have been looking at the effects of hot and cold water, testing their differences by following the light and dark theme. Using glow-sticks, children observed the variance in colour when in hot and cold water. The glow-sticks were very bright in the hot water compared to the cold. Afterwards, the pupils created their own dance moves with the glow-sticks!

Making the most of the glorious weather, children experimented outside by creating shadows on the ground, drawing around the different shapes in their pairs. Keep up the good work!

Reception class have been enjoying the great outdoors and the Dover College Discovery Garden. Pupils have had the opportunity to explore new challenges and learn new skills. Children worked together to put up a tarpaulin shelter using a mallet to knock pegs into the ground. They also helped set up a rope bridge, cheering each other on as they persevered making their way across the bridge without falling off. Children also enjoyed a delicious cup of hot chocolate prepared using the Kelly Kettle.

This half of term has truly flown by! With just one week left, we look forward to sharing our more news with you and hopefully some pictures of our chicks!