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Early Years Blog – Week 5

Early Years Blog – Week 5

What a week we have had in Little Learners! After much waiting and anticipation, the class chicks finally arrived creating much excitement throughout the whole Junior School. Reception class were lucky enough to be in school at the same time as the first chick hatched. All afternoon they watched the incubator as the eggs wobbled and the holes grew bigger and just before home time the, first chick popped out of its shell!

Our caterpillars have begun their remarkable transformation process inside the chrysalis, with pupils excited to return after half term to see some beautiful butterflies! We will keep you posted.

On the same theme, pre-reception have used the live caterpillars in the classroom to inspire their learning. They have made Playdoh caterpillars with spots, using addition and subtraction to work out the number of spots each caterpillar has. Recording their findings on whiteboards, the children have begun to use the new symbols that they have learned to make a number sentence!

Children listened attentively to the story of ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ before utilising pictures from the book and putting them in order to retell the story. They were very good at this and could say what happened next! The children went on to learn about the lifecycle, demonstrating the order in which things happen as a caterpillar transforms in to a beautiful butterfly. They have been busy watching their caterpillar and have been recording their observations in their own little diaries!