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Early Years Blog – Week 7

Early Years Blog – Week 7

A busy week for the Little Learners as they practice for their Sports Day, which took place on Friday 14th June. Pupils worked extremely hard to learn the whole school dance alongside a range of other events, which included dribbling balls, throwing hoops, the sack race, running races and the ever-popular egg and spoon! A thoroughly enjoyable week with pupils being highly active throughout. We hope they slept well at night!

Pre-Reception sparked an interest in deliveries and parcels! Having set up a role-play area as a Post Office, pupils went set straight to work. Children enjoyed writing letters, stamping envelopes, wrapping parcels, counting money, making price tags, writing receipts and even updating car tax! The children have loved collecting and delivering letters and parcels from the post boxes and have taken turns in being postal workers. During their choosing time, pupils have used imaginative play in the area whilst also demonstrating their creative writing skills.

The creative writing theme has continued in Reception class, with the pupils writing their own version of ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ in preparation for their visit to Kearsney Abbey next week. Each child has thought about what obstacles they will have to face on the journey to Kearsney Abbey where they are hoping to find a frog! Some of the obstacles include angry sleeping swans and crashing, splashing waterfalls.

Some children enjoyed making the book so much that they decided to write their own. Jack wrote a story about a trip to the moon and Spencer decided to make a football book. It is incredible to think that these children are just five years old!