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Early Years Blog – Week 8

Early Years Blog – Week 8

Last week was non-stop in the Early Years Department, preparing and practicing for Sports Day so this week, we have been chilling out and having a few relaxed days.

Whilst the Little Learners have been dodging the showers and enjoying the sunshine with gigantic bubbles, our Pre-Reception children have also been outside investigating objects that float and sink. Children shared their views on what they thought would happen and gave explanations and reasons as to why. On testing, they were surprised at some of the results and found that wooden objects floated and that metal objects sank. They recorded their findings and finished before getting stuck into a session of water play!

Unfortunately, the Reception class had to postpone their trip to Kearsney Abbey because of the thunder and lightning so instead they tested out the boats that they had made for the trip in the water pods. The children were delighted to see the cork and wooden boats working so well.

We look forward to the week ahead with lots of exciting activities and trips planned as we approach the end of the academic year – watch this space!