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Early Years Department at Dover College Gives Pupils Extraordinary Start

Early Years Department at Dover College Gives Pupils Extraordinary Start

Dover College is delighted to share the outcome of the recent external moderation in our Early Years Department.

Each year, Reception class teachers are required to submit profile scores for each child leaving the Early Years Foundation Stage – basing these both upon teacher judgment and evidence collected throughout the year. Occasionally, schools and settings are randomly selected for external moderation by KCC. This process aims to ensure that the high expectations for accuracy and assessment evidence are upheld and that these support any judgments made.

With the ease with which it is possible for us to evidence our wonderful pupils doing wonderful things – it was noted that the Characteristics of Effective Learning were both evidenced clearly and expertly embedded into practice, with children meeting these successfully. Particular mention was given to the manner by which the school recognises how children learn and guides their thinking by planning for their interests and having a detailed knowledge of each child. All judgments made were confirmed to be both accurate and precisely evidenced.

This positive outcome, achieved at very short notice, is a reflection of our extraordinary Early Years department. Dover College strives to offer each of our pupils the best possible start in life and to encourage them to think differently from the earliest age. Such external recognition of the achievements of the pupils and staff is testament to the success and validity of the values we hold as a College.