Dover College



Prior to the half term break our Prep School pupils threw themselves into Healthy School week with great gusto. Pupils were thoroughly exhausted by the end of the week and for good reason having participated in an action-packed timetable for exciting activities.

The programme for the week was tailored to the age of the pupils from our Muddy Knees Nursery through to Prep 6 with many pupils being introduced to activities they have never experienced previously. Clearly from the smiles, giggles and laughter pupils were not phased and thoroughly enjoyed taking on new challenges.

The activities included a number of old favourites including Tobogganing at the Folkestone Sports Centre where pupils hurtled down the ski slopes on their toboggans despite cold, slightly wet conditions spirits were certainly not dampened. Pupils soon warmed up with a session of ‘Fit Beat’, which in case you were wondering is when participants bounce, dance and hit fitness balls with drumsticks accompanied by some loud house music and a very energetic instructor!

At a local gym, The Weights Room pupils undertook a circuit of activities however, the ‘Bleep Test’ was a firm favourite with a very competitive group of Prep 6 boys proving to be extremely athletic. The younger pupils were more excited to take part in boxing especially our nursery pupils, the gloves seemed to be as big as them in some cases but that didn’t worry them.

With the opening of the new Dover Leisure Centre pupils had the opportunity to ‘Clip and Climb’, a popular addition to the programme which saw pupils as young as 4 years old climb to great heights before abseiling themselves back down to the ground. It never ceases to amaze the staff how Prep 6 pupils show exemplary leadership skills in support of the younger pupils ensuring that they feel completely secure and confident enabling everyone to have the best time ever!

Over the course of the week pupils also explored a healthy diet with fun activities from smoothie making to visiting the school kitchens to create a host of tasty treats.

As funding for Physical Education continues to be slashed across the country and child obesity continuing on an upward trend at Dover College we are delighted to buck the trend and help our pupils to value and enjoy exercise and a healthy diet. A healthy body leads to a healthy mind and benefits children in so many ways now and in the future.