Dover College



The deadline for applying to primary schools for children entering school in September 2020 has now passed but is your 4-year old ready for school? If they are, that is great but don’t forget to explore all your options, Dover College is still accepting applications for Pre-Prep entry in September 2020 but what if your child is not ready?


There has been much media attention in recent weeks on the subject of 4-year olds being ‘School ready’ however, at Muddy Knees Nursery and Forest School we believe that the emphasis should be on the school being ready for your child.


In recent years, school readiness has been at the forefront of political rhetoric – with the notion that children should arrive at school ‘ready to learn’. At Muddy Knees, our Deputy Head (Pastoral) and Early Years coordinator Mrs Tracey Mills rejects the idea that the early years provision should be defined by the next stage of a child’s education and instead chooses to tailor each child’s educational experience to ensure that they are able to make a positive transition into formal schooling. We reject the idea of children being defined by vague criteria that claim to encompass school readiness and instead ensure that our setting is ready to nurture your child regardless of their stage of development.


As part of an independent school, when parents and our specialist team of Early Years professionals agree that a child is not ready for formal schooling, we can offer the flexibility of a delayed entry. This is particularly pertinent for parents of summer born children, who are often still developing fundamental social and emotional skills when that September entry date arrives. At Dover College, such children can refine those attributes under the careful guidance of our setting and enter Pre-Prep once they are ready, securing a positive start that will be reflected in future successes.


Muddy Knees Nursery offers the flexibility for your child’s educational path to be mapped by the most important person on that journey – them!