Dover College


Our Muddy Knees Nursery and Pre Prep pupils have been looking ahead with their theme of Spring. They planted their own bean seeds and welcomed some frogspawn as the newest members of the classroom. Pupils have watched with great anticipation each and every day as they observe the lifecycle changes into tadpoles … watch this space!


The frogspawn weren’t the only new members of the class as the Pre Prep children also took delivery of some eggs which are now being incubated in the classroom … we will keep you updated on progress!


Alongside our spring themed activities pupils embrace World Book Day, dressing up as their favourite book characters and sharing books with each other. The whole of the Prep School was buzzing with laughter, excitement and colourful costumes.


Finally, pupils took a journey into space using special virtual reality googles which kick started our Science Week activities early. We look forward to sharing our Science week adventures in our next blog or why not follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest news.