Dover College



It has been a fun filled start to the academic year in our Muddy Knees Nursery and the children have been extremely busy settling in and getting to know one another. It is fabulous to see so many friendships developing already.

Muddy Knees children have also been introduced to their termly topic of recycling, which they have fully grasped and are excited to be recycling superhero’s next week. Some of the children have also shown a keen interest in mark making using shaving foam to form some letters. Mrs Mills was delighted that the classroom smelt lovely!

One of the Muddy Knees children, Matthew, was delighted to share his holiday scrapbook with his peers and teachers, but was particularly excited to visit the Headmaster’s office to talk about his summer holiday. Matthew received the class personal achievement certificate in chapel this week for all his hard work.

Our Pre-Prep children have been exploring their new environment and have also been introduced to the ideas and concepts for recycling as their term’s topic. Children have produced some wonderful artwork reusing fabric, plastic and metal which would otherwise have ended up in the bin!

As the term progresses, the Pre-Prep are looking forward to building a greenhouse out of 2 litre plastic bottles in our newly extended Discovery Garden with the help of the older boys and girls in the Prep School. We look forward sharing their progress with you in the coming weeks.